Anyone have flow diverter stent shorten?

Hello all! I am 6 months post op, flow diverter stent, for a 7mm PCA fusiform and out pouching unruptured aneurysm. I just had my routine follow up angiogram last week. The flow diverter stent has shortened quite a bit and now the aneurysm wall isn’t completely covered. Aneurysm has gotten smaller which is good, but still there. Has this happened to anyone else? What was the outcome? Surgeon is giving it 6 more months and if aneurysm isn’t gone by then, may need to put another stent in. I also have something called mild intimal hyperplasia within the proximal portion of the vessel. From my understanding in layman terms it’s some tissue growth within the stent so I’m staying on the dual anti platelet therapy for another 6 months. Curious if any of my fellow flow diverter stent people have had any of these issues? TIA!

Can’t help you with a flow diverter stent as I have a Neuroform Atlas Stent. But the hyperplasia I can, I developed it after my first coiling for rupture, they way I understand it, it is the artery’s reaction to the damage and a form of healing. I think of it as the Navy sending in the Fleet instead of sending a Seal Team. (Navy Brat, Navy Sailor and it’s fluid or I would have probably have used the Marines or Army as my example LOL) As long as it stays mild, life is good. Mine has not changed over the years in severity if that helps any.

I hope members with Flow diverters will respond, it’s a very interesting topic!

Hi Kiona. I did not have a stent shorten, but I did have to have another stent added, so it is not unheard of. For me, I had two overlapping flow diversion stents placed to correct a few issues including two aneurysms. Unfortunately there was still a pinhole of bloodflow feeding one aneurysm, which morphed into a new configuration (collar sign). For my situation, I went off of blood thinners in the hopes the hole would close. It didn’t, and as a result, just over a year later I had another stent placed. I am waiting for a follow up angio to check the status. So while this is not identical to what you are experiencing, I just thought I’d let you know that you are not alone if you require another procedure. It’s hard when you are hoping you’re done and you get something else thrown at you, but I must say my second surgery was a breeze so that was a pleasant surprise. Fingers crossed we both get good news on our next angios.

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Thank you so much for the response. It’s comforting to hear of other people having multiple stents. I’m glad to hear 2nd go around wasn’t as bad as the first. It’s interesting you mention the blood thinners and the healing of the aneurysm. My doc mentioned being off the blood thinners would help the healing process for the aneurysm but can’t go off of them due to the stent and tissue growth. Kinda a catch 22. Hoping the next 6 months are filled with healing for us both and that the aneurysms heal. Thank you again:)

Moltroub….for some reason I can’t respond to your post directly.

Thank you so much! Did you have to stay on blood thinners long term with it being mild? Knowing there’s tissue growth inside it makes me worry about stroke more than I already do having a stent in my brain🤦🏻‍♀️

I was taken off the Plavix quicker than originally told as my skin was taking a beating. My arms and hands looked like someone took a baseball bat to them and Dr. Q-W didn’t like it anymore than I did. I’m on 81 mg of Aspirin for the rest of my life which I find amusing as she had taken me off that when I ruptured. It seems Cardiologists love to put patients on 81 mg which is why I was on it before I ruptured even though I have no blocked arteries.

Interesting that the system wouldn’t allow you to reply to me…haven’t got a clue as to why, but yet it worked!

Thank you for the response. I too will be on the aspirin forever but hoping to eventually get off the blood thinners. The bruising is calming down, but the bleeding is a pain in the butt. Slightest paper cut bleeds like crazy.

We have rough walls in our current home. When I walked like a drunken sailor I was always hitting up against them and then after using any method that would work had to clean off the blood. We ended up just buying a box of Vet wrap from our Vet.:joy:

The stent my doc put in was 25+ mm long. When I saw it on the XRay I was really surprised how long it was. What he put in was a lot longer than I see in the videos. The “hole” where my aneurysm was at most 3 mm. But the stent is like 25 mm long. Here is a link to my story:
17 mm Aneurysm in Anterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery (AICA) Treated Endovascularly by Flow Diverter 10/13/22 - #23 by Judi. This goes to my six month follow up. I have pictures in there where you can see how long it was. So it seems like I have room for shrinking.
I guess a length of this kind must depend one where your aneurysm is. There are lots of places where there wouldn’t bee that much artery to work with.

Hi there! I was wondering what your follow up angiogram showed after the second stent? I found out Tuesday(my second follow up angiogram after first stent placed)that I will need a second stent put in. I’m so bummed. I believe you said recovery was a bit easier second go around? Will you have to be on blood thinners forever or indefinitely? Any side effects second go around? Thank you in advance:)

My saga doesn’t want to end. I went in January for my follow-up angio and they were checking the other (left) side and an aneurysm there had developed a daughter sac. So although it was smaller, within 3 weeks I was back for my third flow diversion. Of course, because of that I had to stay on the blood thinners, but I was told I’ll go off of them after the next followup (unless my brain decides to throw me another curve ball). On the bright side, yes, they get easier. I would say my easiest recovery was my second one, when it was just a new stent placed over the existing ones. In that case, I had VERY little aftereffects and it was totally unlike the first one, which for me was a bit tough. I had my usual visual disturbances, but headaches were minimal and short lived. I think I personally am most sensitive to a device placed in a new area where my brain kind of says, “hey, what is that thing?” and tends to overreact (I also have autoimmune issues, which means overacting is second nature for my body). If I were you I would go in anticipating it to be much easier this time around. First, you know what to expect. Second, your body has already adjusted to the insertion of a foreign object and the slight change in blood flow/pressure. Of course the neuro folks will say you won’t feel a thing in any case, but I think the varying experiences of the patients on this website prove otherwise. But all in all, if your experience is like mine it will go much easier and you’ll be wandering around afterwards wondering what you were so worried about. Having said that, I think the idea that anyone would show up to have someone fish around in their brain and not feel some trepidation is almost impossible, but try your best not to stress.

When are you going in?

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I’m so sorry to hear they have found more and had to go in a 3rd time. It definitely seems like it’s never ending. I know I’m beyond blessed they found it unruptured, but it’s a lot and overwhelming at times. The “overlapping” of stents scares the heck out me, just seems impossible that works and they attach and stay in place but it’s not uncommon and seems to work.
Your theory on why second go around wasn’t as bad makes sense. I had wicked headaches for months and months, hoping that’s not going to be the case this time. I guess I’m a little more scared this time as the stent will be larger and I think they’re going through the aneurysm this time as well so it goes out the other side into the healthy portion of the vessel. The whole thing just is stressful, scary and frustrating. My friends keep reminding me these doctors do this day in and day out, it’s no big deal to them. I’m sending positive vibes and prayers they don’t find anymore new ones and the stents do their job.
I’ll be going in July 5th.
I really appreciate you telling me your story and easing my mind a bit. I’ll keep you in my prayers:)

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Hello Judi,

I received my, FRED Flow Diverter Stent, about a year and a half ago, 6 month check up was okay, but I am scheduled to have an MRA in 2 weeks, I’ll definitely keep this in mind, and I’ll try and remember to let you know the outcome.