Anyone done stent and coils in two separate procedures?

Hi, the doctor I saw the other day (4th doc I’ve seen) suggested doing the stent and coils in 2 separate procedures. The first procedure would be with conscious sedation and would be to deploy the stent. It takes a stent several weeks to integrate into the arterial wall. So several weeks after the stent, I’d come in and do the coils under general anesthesia. His reasoning is that allowing the stent to integrate first will give the catheter for the coils a much smoother route to travel through. It sounds interesting to me, although of course I’d rather get it over with in one shot. Anyone out there had it done this way?
Thanks, Karen. :slight_smile:

Well Karene, I have not had that, however my neuro want's me to have one pipeline done every six months for two years. I am planning on talking to him about clipping them. Part of my questions are where are they exactly, what nerves are they near. I will be interested to hear of mulitiple ones. I have four, and they are two on each side of my head and the one is right behind my left eye. I plan on getting answers by the end of the month. I hope you get yours and best wishes on whatever route you choose. Regards, Brenda

Hi Karene, I have 2 stents telescoped inside each other to cover the wide neck of my aneurysm. My understanding of the stent is that it stops the aneurysm from filing with blood, it eventually clots and occluded which is what mine has done. I have heard of people with coils that have compacted then having a stent placed, but I have never heard of a stent being place ed and then coils later. Do you only have the one aneurysm or are they treating two therefore using two different treatments.

Thanks for all comments. Stent and coils has been suggested by a few of the docs I have seen and I’m planning to go that route. The first doc would do it in one procedure. But the doc I just saw likes to split it into two procedures, to create a smoother ride for the catheter for coiling. I was just curious if anyone had had it done that way. Maybe I’ll be the first on here for that!