Anyone disabled after SAH?

I had a brain aneurysm burst last August 2009 when I was 31. I still have weakness/paralysis of my left side. Does anyone else have physical disabilities after their brrain aneurysm ruptured?

When mine ruptured, I couldn’t move my right side (leg and arm) but, I was able to after my clipping. My dad had permanent disabilities afterwards - he couldn’t walk and could only say the word “today.” He thought he was speaking full and complete sentences but, kept repeating the word “today.” I know someone else who had to learn how to walk again but, he ruptured and then had a stroke. Are you going through rehab?

I went through speech therapy and had some assistant devices installed(bathtub etc) but after reasonably short period of time I only suffer a few very small hardly noticeable deficits. In fact sometimes I think thru are more because of my slowly getting older! (53)

Yes, I went through rehab. My drs say a ruptured aneurysm/SAH is a form of stroke (hemorragic) and that’s why I still have left arm paralysis.

You guys are lucky not to have had any major effects!!

Hi Lisa… I am CERTAIN that many people have physical disabilities. In fact, I know in our local support group, there are several members with problems pertaining to vision, hearing, walking, balance, etc…

My husband’s rupture was last January and most of his deficits are pertaining to memory and emotion, but I guess it all depends on the area of the brain that was affected.

Anyway, just wanted to say you are definitely not alone! Don’t give up- keep doing physical therapy and working hard, time does wonders :slight_smile:

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