Anybody have this happen with their eyes?

i sometimes get this squiggly lightning bugs effect just around the border of my vision. it lasts maybe 2-4 minutes then it just goes away. it has been in the morning not long after i wake up, it has started maybe 2wks ago, and has happened about 3 times now. should i be worried?

Sorry Lynette...I donot experience this, but sorta know what you are talking when you rub your eyes or press them and open them up...hence, squiggly lines...Does it effect your vision?

My right eye since my coiling droops and at times I have very blurry vision ... Doctors are aware of this, but to date nothing can be done...~ I hope others have experienced so they can share with you...

~ Colleen

Hi Lynette....I did have this happen to me but it was just a few days after my coiling and stent procedure. It went away after a few days. I did mention it to my doctor and he did say if it continued he would have done a mri. Once in a while I still get floaters. If it keeps up I would mention it to your doctor. Deb


I get this and it usually but not always is followed by a migraine. Might be that?


Yes - I call them floaters...I've noticed I get them more when I have been bending my head over a lot - like to pick things up off the floor, mop, empty dishwasher, etc. I had them really pretty bad after my pipeline stent was put in....but they have really lessened.

Yes Lynette, I also see the squiggly lines sometimes & they started after I got my first cerebral angiogram done. It first starts in my peripheral vision and then eventually it makes its way to the middle of my vision where it gets in the way of me been able to see…so annoying. But what I hate the most it’s the headache I get right after. At this point I still don’t know how to prevent them but the squiggly line doesn’t appear as often as before…the last time it showed its ugly head was like a month ago.

Hi Lynette,

I had my coiling done six months ago. I had visual disturbances for a while afterwards. Recently, they have returned. I have been told it's focal migraine. Sometimes I get a headache afterwards but not always. They can last up to an hour and the silver, moving, shimmery shapes, are the size of a wall! I can't see much else until they disappear. I didn't have this problem before my surgery, although I have been told it has nothing to do with my coiling.


Could be an aura. If you don't get a migraine following it then it could also be the silent migraine variant. Hope this thought helps.


Hi Lynette, I get the same thing in the corner of my right eye with the migraine . I ve had a stent put in on my first surgery and coils a year and a half ago , my aneurysm had a blister and then another blister which made mehave a seizure .Thank god thats what saved my life , since then , 4 angiograms ,3 catscans and of course an. Mri and. Mra .Lost most. hearing in my right ear and very bad memory loss, the eye stuff seems to happen if really stressing and straining my eyes . Dont you love when they say “no its not from your surgery” , uh ihope it gets better.

Yes this happens to me all the time - coiling stent in February

Lynette it may depend on your procedure or simply be a warning of headaches to come :) In my case I had three clips and two of them are on my left ophthalmic artery. This is something that I have happen now and then. In additon to all the neuro's in my life (neuro surgeon and neurologist) I see a neuro ophthalmologist who addresses any vision issues. You may want to see one also. Best, Carol

iHi lynette! yes i get something similar late night-vision goes to a fuzzy gray and orange screen, like when tv goes to static late at night in the old days, also last night i saw "headlights" while staring at the baf site, at first i thought i errantly cliked on something and was watching a video of an approaching car! then i realized it was a hallucination, i am blind in left side of both eyes so i know there is lots of damage so i don't worry,also the contrast dye has this effect so maybe its a residual after effect?? i have no expertise of course, i think this will dissipate over time so i will hope and pray for us all in this regard~~~

Hi Lynette- I’ ve found I get what I call squiggles around the edge of my vision when my blood pressure goes up. If you haven’t had that checked I’ d look at that. Hope you get some answers. Please share your findings. ~ myra

Lynette, Yes I got some migraines that were just the visual auras. I had only experienced them 3 times before my clipping surgery, but had them almost daily afterwards, as well as bad headache migraines daily. I noticed the aura was even worse outside. I was referred to a neurologist that specializes in mirgraines and she worked with me diligently for 7 months with different medications and I started Botox treatments for the migraines in July and it has been a godsend :) I hope that yours gets under control for you as well.

Take Care,

~ Carol

Hi Lynette. I have the same exact thing happening-Not many know about it (in general) but it's a Migraine Aura. You do not have to actually HAVE a migraine (the pain) but it's usually happening before a migraine starts. they're flashing bolts of light, zigzags, very bright, layers of color and if you look in the direction of it-it seems to go away-until you stop looking @ it. It took me quite awhile to find ANY info about it but let me know if you'd like some more info on this:) Don't worry-they're not harmful. My neourolgist put me on meds for it:) Just bothersome until you find the right answers about it:) Do not drive if this happens and if you are driving-pull over. I'll be happy to share any info w/ you:) And welcome to BAF-Glad to have you w/ us..

Hi Lynette,

I can't speak for you but in my case with my RIGHT eye, I got flashes/flashing of light post-op craniotomy, especially noticeable when I am in a dark room. I did go to the eye specialist and testing showed it up as vitreous detachment of the retina. The flashing went on for about 3 months and did go away but should it come back then surgery would be necessary. The floater that came with this at the same time still is there.

This all happened back in 2012 about 3 months after my operation.

Last week, I accidently hit my head then in a sleepy reaction poked my LEFT eye (craniotomy side of head) real hard when I went to turn over in bed, obviously accidently but I felt a burst of some sort, then severe pain and now have the flashing lights and a floater. Knowing what it is I am just hoping it will heal on its own (the flashing). The floater will always be there but they can diminish in size. It's the flashing, if stays, that can be dangerous and need to be treated.

Whatever yours is maybe you should see an opthomologist just to have it checked out. Hope this helps you with some information. By the way, my first one happened after having 3 months straight of severe migraines. Maybe a coincidence, but I do not think so. Jeanne

I agree with you Jeanne. That was the 1st thing I had to do as well (see a retina specialist) I believe that's the 1st thing that's done. I forgot (go figure) about that part.

Well described...and neurologist diagnosed mine as Migraine Aura...mine were mostly platinum streaks... Mine were always on waking...and, then would calm down...I did tremendous vision therapy...for a lot of my visual damage...

I was put on gabapentin...horrible reactions...and, I would not try Depakote...I am much more in to therapies...

So hope Lynette will give us an update...


Colleen, wouldn't the droopiness effect your vision?