Any motorcycle riders?

I wanted to know if there's anyone that has had the surgery for clipping and is a motorcycle rider. I have the opportunity to go riding but I don't know how comfortable the helmet will be on my head. I had the clipping last June and have 3 screws in my head. Should I be looking for a certain type of helmet and is this going to cause me any discomfort?

Appreciate any advice.


Hi Valerie...My hubby is a some years ago...he bought a Harley so we could ride on Sunday's...and get away for the day...I loved the motorcycle...sometimes we even participated in fundraisers and met so many different people...ok here I am writing a book...we got rid of the motorcycle some years ago...when we transferred to a state that wasn't so bike friendly...I was coiled, not clipped...and one thing hubby said after my more motorcycle riding...and I know myself I think I would be scared...even helmets aren't the best protection, not to mention the vibration and up and down my annie was on my basilar artery, back of head...and that is what I fear most because I have neck pain due to it ...and I remember some diehard bikers that now as they are older have neck and back my advice...wear a Harley helmet that covers everything possible...and use your judgement...and if you go...Have a good time ride...~ Enjoy ~ Colleen

Thank you Colleen and Sue for the replies!

My biggest concern is the helmet because I still have some tender spots on my head if I press on them. If I can overcome that then I should be ok. I'll let you know how it goes!

I tried the motorcycle ride on Tuesday. Actually, I didn't even make it to the ride, the helmet caused me problems as I still have a lot of tenderness on the left side of my face. Would have been nice if my annies where located further back of my head but hey, at least they were taken care of!

Maybe after some more recovery time I will try it again. :)