Any Flutists out there?

Maybe I am just being silly, but I started to learn how to play the flute about a month before my Aneurysm ruptured. I wasn't playing my flute when it happened, but somehow I've got it in my head that playing the flute made my aneurysm rupture. Just wondering if anyone is playing after ruptures. Thanks :)

Mine ruptured in 2004 while I was at work. I play the flute and continue to play the flute. Why mine ruptured when it did is simply not known. I was sorta lucky I was at work and not home alone. How long ago did yours rupture?

only 3 months ago and I totally concur about being lucky I was at work, even if I freaked everyone out. I think I will try it again as soon as I pluck my courage up and then it will be fine. It is reassuring to know you still play, thanks :)

Mine ruptured in 1988. After some funny headaches, that were definitely a sign, I was at work and immediately after boosting myself into an attic, from a ladder that was too short, a small pain in my head grew to the classic horrible pain within minutes. I would be aware of any discomfort you may feel when playing. I know there are times, even after all these years, that I still can feel a small sharp pain in the area of my clipping. That is when I know I'm overdoing it and need to calm down a bit. I would be sure to ask your Doctor about your concern.

You're not being silly. I began playing the flute at age 9 and was actively playing into my 40s (I'm 60 now). I only stopped because I had other things that used up all my time. If you were learning to play a brass instrument (trumpet, french horn) or the oboe! then I'd say take a different path. When I look at those guys playing, I feel like I'M going to rupture!

Be sure you're breathing from your diaphragm when you inhale; breath is the most important part of playing the flute, second only to embouchure.*

*The embouchure is the use of facial muscles and the shaping of the lips to the mouthpiece of woodwind instruments or the mouthpiece of the brass instruments.

When playing the flute, think of your breath as a fluid motion, almost circular. This will create a more relaxed breathing experience. I don't believe your flute playing was the catalyst for your rupture; but then, I'm not a doctor. I'm a musician :)

So, my advice is to do some meditation-like breathing exercises to make sure you're free of tension before sitting down to play. It might have been the stress of learning to play a new instrument for all we know and have nothing to do with pressure from the actual playing of the flute. But, if your doctor is a smart person (you'd be lucky if she/he was) then that is the person who will ultimately give you the most cogent advice.

All the best to you.


Yes, you'll need to ask your doctor really, but, as the ex-wife of a flautist, who tried to teach me, I would have thought it somewhat unlikely - after all, you don't blow terribly hard when playing a flute. I suppose if your aneurysm was right on the very point of rupturing, then the slightest stress MIGHT have done it - but still seems unlikely.

cool !! so many flutists! recently saw a live band doing jethro tull--awesome!

My aneurysm did not rupture, but I also play flute. I have not played recently, but perhaps all of this talk will inspire me to return to it!