Any advice for newbie x

Hi guys i am a 35yr old father of 3 and doting husband.On the 29th jan 2012 i experienced a headache while sleeping that woke me up and i took painkillers and it subsided and i never thought anymore of it until later that day when i started slurring my speech and lost use of my right arm.
After going to my local A&E they decided that id had a bad migraine and after a ct scan was allowed home and told i would get a follow up mri scan through the post just to be safe.So off home i went feeling a little fatigued i took the rest of the week off work and back i went to work the next week.It was 3weeks later when i recieved the mri scan appointment during which time i had been working in the countryside by myself and taking part in my parent duties with my 11yr old son (football practice)
I attended the mri on the 22nd feb 2012 and was called next day by my wife at my work who informed me i had to make my way to hospital pronto as the mri had shown some bleeding.After reaching the hospital i was transferred straight away to the neuro unit in Glasgow and taken for an angiogram which confirmed 1 annie that they thought had been bleeding and a second that had the potential to bleed.They decided to try coiling them on the 3rd march 2012 but because the neck was too wide the operation wasnt succesful.It was then decided that they would try again with a stent , coils for one annie and treat the unruptured annie with a blood flow device.This operation was succesful and i was discharged on the 10th march 2012.Since then i have had a sinus type infection trouble with acid reflux and been treated with anxiety attacks where i feel as though every little twinge was some life threatening illness.My gp has given me a short dose of diazepam which is helping but i am trying only to use it at night as i dont want to get hooked.I am also on clopidegrel(plavix )for 3 months and aspirin for life.After about 2weeks after discharge i seem to have sensations/warm feelings at top of my head and tremors of the cartoid vein/artery now and again but more so during anxious times or when i am cold anyone had anything similar thanks for listening.I am just starting to realise that i should be enjoying every day with my family and friends and get on with my life instead of worrying how many days i have left. Thanks Tom.x

My thoughts are you are doing "the best you can" right now...Just follow doctor's instructions to you and let yourself "heal". I try to remember that I am getting stronger and better every day. I think we all probably have that "worry" in the back of our minds about how many days we might have. I know I do, but I try not to let myself dwell on those worries, but as you say to get on with my life and focus on the here and now! My aneurysm was December 30th and I am still a "newbie" in the long term of those who have been "recovering" for years. The thing I have heard over and over is give yourself a break and let it come naturally back and learn to accept that we are all changed and you will never be the same as you were before!!! God bless you!!!

Hi Tom...Again, Welcome to BAF...~

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Remember you are early in the stages of healing...don't be so hard on yourself ~

God Speed ~ Colleen