Anxiety Post-Coiling?

Hi everyone. Sorry for posting so frequently, but I have so many questions and you are all so helpful. I browsed through the threads for answers about this, but what cured your anxiety after your procedures? I have only been sleeping in intervals of a few hours even though I am sooo tired which then causes me to be extremely irritable and crabby during the day. I am afraid people will not want to be around me if this continues! What helped your anxiety/lack of sleep. I do not want to be dependent on medicine, but if it works I am willing to try for a while. Thanks love y’all!

Hi Laura! no apologies for writing on her!- we love to hear from you and encourage discussion --- this is how we learn . I am 4 yrs post sah and tried the all natural alteril but it had the opposite effect, it had melatonin,the stuff that's in turkey that makes you sleepy and another ingredient I don't recall. I think everyones different and what worked for me was radio and tv sermons and soft Christian music. The insomnia seems to go in cycles and im not sure what triggers it. I hope you get some good rest soon and will keep you in thoughts and prayers~~

Hi Laura,i had my coiling done feb 3rd. I was very very anxious befor.. 6 months befor. For myself, now that the anu is coiled, i feel much better.. But i must say that i am taking 10 mg cipralex every 2 nd day witch is very little ( this was even befor nowing about aneurisme ).As far as sleeping, i do take meds to sleep due to anxiety,but slowly diminishing.. When recovering you need your rest.. You really need to sleep.. I am real tiered but getting better every day.. but only because i sleep well at night... if you have any other questions i am here for you. i DO NOT KNOW where u are from,but i sure would of liked to speak to someone on the phone.. i am available if you need.. i am in Montreal.Good luck,it will go well.. Easier said than done,but stay positive

The book Hope and Help for your Nerves by Dr. Claire Weeks helped me so much. I have been working on changing the way I think and accepting rather than fighting my anxiety. I haven’t seen a cognitive behavior therapist but have heard excellent things about this approach. Meds not required! Good luck to you!!
Karen. :slight_smile:

Hi Laura, Are you taking Plavix? I had coiling and stent in July. I was on Plavix for 6 months. My anxiety was a lot worse while on Plavix. I have been off for a month and it seems to be much better. Deb

No apologies...this is what the site is here for to come and vent, ask questions, comments, etc., You received some good advice above me on this sure to speak to your Doctor too...~ Thoughts out to you ~ Colleen

Go ahead and post all you want Laura ! hey we 'get it' ! lol

as for what helps me...I understand your reluctance to be tied to medications...I use 025. mg Xanax, actually i halve it, when or if I get to "that point"....its not something I've ever taken ''as prescribed', more like 'as needed', and that works out well for me. I'll take it before I go to bed too if I i'm gonna have trouble sleeping, but not always by any means...I take the lowest possible dosage and nothing 'bad' happens if I don't take a dose...anyhow, you might want to ask your doctor. Take care, Janet