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Anxiety and More

My ruptured brain aneurysm happened almost 2 years ago. Is it common to have through the roof anxiety which doesn’t seem to be getting any less? I also experience full body chills with goosebumps several times day and night. My drivers license was not revoked but I no longer drive because everything around me seems so fast!

The sudden chills can be a temporal node seizure, which I have had since having a ruptured right side aneurysm. Mine come in waves of shivers from head to toe and only last for a few moments. I take Lamictal to prevent grand mal seizures but even at an increased dose, I still have the waves now and then. Anxiety is another symptom of mine. It can be overwhelming and it is the symptom that most affects my family. I have learned to tell people around me that I am having an episode and they can talk me down sometimes with a reality check. It doesn’t prevent them, but shortens the length. Lamictal has also helped, but not eliminated the panic attacks. I had a posterior communicating artery ruptured aneurysm that was clipped in the area of the right temporal lobe. You should tell your neurologist about these experiences and maybe they will have a treatment to help. Take care.


Kate has given excellent advice! If things are getting worse, get to your neurologist, I’m pretty sure they can help!

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Thank you for your replies. I don’t know if this type of thing shows up on any tests but my annual MRA is scheduled in a couple weeks and I will discuss.

Smart! :slight_smile: