Anxiety about taking antiplatelet drugs

I had a giant right ICA aneurysm treated with a pipeline stent 4 months ago, my follow up scan two months ago showed complete occlusion of the aneurysm thankfully. I stopped taking plavix about three weeks ago and am on 325 mg aspirin for the next couple months before I go down to baby aspirin indefinitely. Now that I am off plavix I am able to resume sports and my hobbies with greater risk of head injury but I am always scared of hitting my head. Two days ago a friend hit me in the head accidentally and I have been anxious about it ever since. It was not a serious injury by any means but I cannot get over the fear of it because I am still on daily aspirin. Has anyone else felt the same while taking these drugs and how have you dealt with it?

Welcome sox2004! Folks will come and share, give them time.

The first year or two after any aneurysm procedure usually puts folks on edge. I’m surprised your doctor is allowing sports so soon after your procedure, you must’ve wowed them with your recovery! Good for you! Just remember the warning signs they gave you to let you know you need to get to an ER stat, follow those directions and I’ll bet you’ll be fine!

Thank you for the response, and yes I am incredibly thankful with my recovery. I think the first month after the procedure I was too busy dealing with the physical symptoms I had not fully accepted what had happened on an emotional level and am dealing with that now.

It can be a struggle, give yourself some time. It’s also prudent to have someone to talk it over with, who won’t brush it off. Remember, we are always here, if you need us. And I forgot to give you my mantra…hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, eat protein! These two things along with a bit of rest when you need it, will help your brain heal!