Has anyone had the follow up MRI-MRA after stent, coil placement?

Hi, I am new here and have many questions. I will try to limit them to once a day haha. What I am wondering is what to expect when I have my follow up MRA test? Also has anyone taken medication to help calm their nerves prior to the MRI and how did that go? Thanks, Jen

no need for meds Jen-mra is actually quite stress free except i asked for music & "shock the monkey" by peter gabrial came on the radio!!!next song was I thought my life would be different by now!!!iii actually lol.Why do you think you need meds?is this your first mra?or are you claustraphobic?i guess if you ask they will give you a darvacet or something

Hi, you sound like my friend he likes the sound of the MRI. I have had one before, it went ok. But that was prior to the coiling. I guess I am a little gun shy this time around. I read online that years ago the MRI machines weren't conpatable and would pull anything metal. I believe God is helping me through this process. So I guess I should trust that the Doctors know this is safe.

yesi was more worried but no reason to really tho-at my hospital i hadto wait anhour untill the tech called the philly nuero office to make sure my implants were ok & after all that i still worried a little!My Question is why would they use implants that weren't compatable with the mra(2 yrs ago)?? i think i gave a bad report saying it was stress free-i remember the worry -mostly caused by them making me wait an hour to sign the release paper!! I dont think i would take meds tho-i dislike them,i think i had about 6 mri already so i guess they're losin their scare factor.sorry if i made "light" of it-i was just tryin to calm your fear- of course they're scary,but we must trust in the Lord that He will guide these professionals to help us- that really helped me.But anyway wher's my manners?You're New!!-missed that- Welcome to the baf!! and please continue to ask questions the wonderful people here will be helpful-Good Luck & may God Bless you& yours

Hi Jen, I'm new here too and your question about the MRI, I was asked if I was clostaphobic (sp) prior to the MRI and I refused meds because I didn't think I was...well I was, I panicked as soon as they put me in the chamber...but I managed to try again and what helped was comical...I tried to make as many words I could from the different sounds, like get it get it get it get it, and so on. It kept my mind from wandering and also I made sure my eyes stayed closed going in, during and going out... hope that helps you.

Thank you. I'm glad you have had 6 with no problem. That makes me feel better. I make the mistake of reading to much, and over thinking things. I think this is due to many after effects that came after my procedure. I can't remember but I think after 5 years I won't need to be tested anymore? God Bless you, Jen

Hi Sheree, thank you I will try that, humor always helps. I sure hope you find out why your having balance issues. Many of us seem to have simular issues, however in different degrees. God Bless you, Jen

Yes...I can not do MRI/MRA due to anxiety without a 1/2 xanax night before and then 1/2 or 1 an hour before procedure...ask for it Jen...it is so worth it...it makes the process go good...and pics will be better because you will be so relaxed and still and also, close your eyes...sometimes one will fall asleep...

Our coils are suppose to be not magnitze metals...that is suppose to be the difference...but I would make sure the facility dots their "i's" and crosses their "t's" ... better to be safe then sorry...

You ask as many questions as you want...we all learn from each other...Cyber~hugs your way ~ Colleen

Hi Jen--

Welcome to the group. I've had a lot of mri/mra's (but not for coil follow up yet). For one of my very first, the tech put a folded towel over my eyes. It sounds weird but it worked! Even if I opened my eyes, I didn't see anything--never felt claustrophobic. I've asked for it ever since then. Everything is new and stressful when you don't understand so ask away...we're all or have been in the same situation so we understand! Good luck!


Hi Jen!!! I will have a follow up in June, but after reading all of your answers, I just realized that they told me they will do another angiogram and no one has mentioned MRI/MRA for me. I wonder why mine is another angio?? Anyway welcome to BAF!!! I am pretty new myself and I have found everyone on here to be really awesome and am so glad that everyone is here...I am learning more and more everyday!!! I have an ENT appointment on Monday as I fill like I still have partially liquid filled ears at times and a bit of vertigo!!! Maybe I'll be able to offer some information from that they may help those of us with verigo issues!!!

Hello, and thank you. Yes I asked for that the first time but they didn't have anything. I think I will bring my own eye pillows haha. Thats what the day spa uses for treatments. Glad it worked for you, thanks for your help. God bless you, Jen

Hello, thank you for the welcome. What I'm finding here is that every situation is different. Our Doctors know our history and are planning what they feel is best for us. I just wish one of the Doctors had our procedure, so they would understand more of what we are going through. Not that I would wish this on anyone. Have a blessed day, Jen

Hi again :] thank you, I just may take a relaxer haha. Yes my Doctor said the MRI compatable machines have been used since 2002 I think? Trust, we are all learning to trust. Trust our Doctors, but ultimatly trust God. I believe every breath I take is a gift from him. So I have to keep going even when I am tired. Finding you and all the amazing people here will help me understand more about my new life. Hope you have a wonderful day! Jen

Wonderful Friday evening to You Jen...

"One day at a time..."