Another question for people to answer?

I have been reading that Aneurysm's are genetic. Is there anyone in this site that has any other genetic disorders?

I have has:

Arnold Chiari Malformation

Thyroid Cancer

and possible Pheochromocytoma (Adrenal Tumor)


I think the study that was done shows apx 15-20% are genetic...the study was done several years ago and may be on the BAF main site...

Thank you. I thought the way doctors were talking the figure was higher.

Hi James...I participated in a study up in Gainsville...and I was told they are trying to figure out who gets aneurysm's...they donot know...they (Neuro's) do feel you are more likely if family member (blood relative) had/has annies...

Happy Friday...Colleen

Thank you.

There are no signs of them in other family members past and present. I have two other genetic ailments and seem to be the health lightening rod in the family.

HI James…I know exactly what you are saying…sorta starting the family health or unhealthy dynamics…Have a nice evening…Colleen