It's my 18th year wedding anniversary today and it gets better and better each year. It will be my first year annie-versary on the 11th of January and I am getting better and better each day. I am having my 4th follow-up CT scan (a lot during this period due to some problems) on the 9th of February and can't wait to see how my annie is doing.

Cris Happy Anniversary...! and a Happy Anniversary on the upcoming 1 year from your annie...! Good luck on the CT scan...let us know how it goes...

Cyber~Thoughts your way....Colleen

Happy Anniversary Chris!

May you and your husband celebrate many, many more healthy years together.

A couple at my church celebrated 70 years of marriage on Christmas day. The walked to the altar without assistance after the wife drove them 6 miles to church! How about that for a target.


Thanks for all the well-wishes. Another year is always a blessing. Heck! Each day is a blessing. @Carole, 70 years sure is a target (hopefully we will be as independent as your couple when we get to that stage) but it is good to keep motivated. Cheers to you both.