Anni Symptoms

I was diagnosed with my aneurysm in 2010, and the surgeons decided not to operate. A couple of months after I new about my condition, I had some minor problems, with my left eye. It quickly corrected, but in Januaey 2011 it hit me with a bang. I was diagnosed with 5th cranial nerve palsy. The vascular neurosurgeon again said that becase of where the anni is sutuated, in the sinus cavernous, they do not believe it is a good idea to opereate, risk vs benefit, too much that could go wrong.

I have constant headaches and my mood swings are very noticeable. I get irritated very quickly. My Ophthalmologist helped me with a prism in one of the lenses, and this helped for a couple of months, but the eye has gone more squint and has less movement. So I cover my left eye for now.

It is extremely frustrating when all the doctors advise you to wait. Wait for the anni to settle, wait for the nerve to heal. Wait.

I can handle the constant headaches, but I am really self conscious about wearing an eye patch or even just glasses with a prism.

Time will tell.

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Hi Thomas...this journey with annie's are so frustrating...and I feel for you and your situation...

My Question, "Do u feel comfortable with your Doc's and their decision? If not ... how about a 2nd opinion...?"

You have my prayers Thomas and I am hoping someone here at this site has good advice for you...

Fondly, Colleen

H Colleen,

Thanks for the support. I completely understand my docs decision, but it is still frustrating. He gave me the number of another surgeon in the states and here and said I am more than welcome to get a second opinion. I do have other dr friends who I chat to regularly.

Keep well, Thomas

Hi, I'm Kathy. Mother and son had annies; mother died; son is 42 and now healthy.

I was recently diagnosed with an annie, but I have no health coverage. Do you

have any good news for me? Only solution I got was to wait till I get on Medicare

in 2 years! Any help for the uninsured, living on Social Security? Thanks so much.

Thomas, so nice to meet you ,,, sorry about your dis comfort!

My annie was a challenge also, unruptured giant ,,, they didn't think I would survive the first surgery! ,,, see???my post x ray ,, all those platiumn coils !!! ended up with 51 coils and 2 stents all endovascular over 4 surgeries,, no open surgery!I was not a good candidate for that he did a great job !!!!! My annie was left ICA supraclinoid, mass effect upon the left optic nerve , uncus and some other parts of the brain ,, cistern area ect ,,,,huggs and prayes to you ,,, and be strong ,,, if you need to come to the usa and get your surgery do it ! Julie in Delaware

Hi Julie,

Thanks for the hugs and prayers! I am glad to hear you made it trough this major operation, it sounds hectic! How is your general health now? Do you have headaches or problems seeing?

I am really unsure as to what to do next. It is frustrating that the doctors do not want to operate but I myself is also not much of a chance taker, so I will need more time to decide/choose other options.

Thomas in Cape Town

Hi Kathy,

Sorry to hear about your mother. Is the anni causing you any pain or or problems? I do not have any solution as to your medical coverage. If you have to wait two years to get medical, im sure it is worth the wait. I hope you find a way to make things work.


Hi Thomas, Thanks. Waiting is such a . . . . I don't know . . . . pain?

No pain for me, only apprehension. Read Julie's story . . . WOW. Showed

it to my husband to let him know what COULD happen. I'll wait the 2 years . . .,

what else to do???? Have a pleasant day. And Best of Luck to you . . . . .;Kathy

I hate the waiting game and I hate the headaches even more. Time?? right, like they have to walk around with a ticking time bomb in their heads! Had my anne coiled end of Feb. and still fighting the pain in my head, get angry and explode easily so my family avoids me at times. I don't know how to help them "get it". so I just stay to myself, what I want is a support group of others that I can meet with but I dont know anyone else around here that has gone tru this. I wish I had easy answers for you just know I am right at your side!

Beverly in Cali.

Hi Beverly!

I know exactly how you feel! Its is great to know I am not the only one. I get irritated for the smallest things. Some days are better than other, but some days my wife has to put up with my extreme mood swings. My quality of life has been less than perfect the last couple of years. The thing is I am so used to the headaches and mood swings that in my mind it is normal. But it is not!. I am very lucky in that my wife is very understanding.

It is seriously affecting my ability to work. I some days feel useless and avoid people as well. ITs like i can not concentrate at all and then the day just passes by, in the hope that tommorow will be better. Sometimes it is and sometimes it is just the same.

Thank you for the reply. Please keep in touch. I think a support group would be great. Im in Cape Town South Africa, hopefully I can find something or maybe even start something.

Keep well

My general health is fine now, glad I did not have the open surgery,,,,, I still suffer from headaches and a few cognitive issues but I am alive ! I am on 3 meds and I can do just about everything except lift over 25 lbs and I have to be careful of extreme temps .... cannot be in extreme heat or extreme cold. Best of luck with your choice of surgeons,,, huggs and prayers to you ! Julie in Delaware, USA

my surgeon was Dr Michael Stiefel,,, he is now in West Chester New York,USA,,, He Is an awsome neurosurgeon,,, he did his residency ar the Barrow institute in Arizona USA!!!!

so sorry, I only have a cell phone and its one that you have to pay by the minutes, they do have the online chat here, I saw you onlone the other day and I guess u were not in the chat room , its easy to use , and they are private chat ,

how do i get to the chat room. please let me know when you plan to be there. Thanks

Hi Julie

Not sure what you want to chat about? I also do not see where to click to go into the chat room.