Angioseal after effects

Hey everyone, just curious to hear from some of you who’ve had the angioseal. My angiogram was 3 weeks ago and I know this thing may not dissolve for a couple more months. It doesn’t cause me any pain, but I still feel a slight tug there. Definitely feels different than the other leg. What are your experiences with angioseal after some time has passed? The site is no longer tender and not swollen, no bruising or discoloration. Just wondering if this ongoing somewhat tight sensation is normal.
Thanks! Karen

Hi Karen,

Yes, I think the tugging sensation is completely normal. I have had 2 angiograms and the recovery on each was very different. The first one back in 2011 was problematic but my leg felt fine. I just had my second 1 week ago and my leg is still in pain and quite bruised. So angiograms vary from patient to patient and from procedure to procedure. My nurse told me not to be alarmed if I feel a popping sensation, as this is the angioseal settling.

I had zero long term effects from the initial angiogram.

Sending you prayers for continued healing.


They use Mynx on me...which is a type of angioseal...and I am here to tell you ... it took a couple of months to dissolve...and felt odd...even gave me lots of pain for the first month...after time it shrunk and got so much better...~ Colleen

Thanks for the replies. I am a little disappointed they don’t really talk to you about what to expect or what would be considered “normal” at the hospital. Glad I was able to turn to you here for that!! :slight_smile: Karen

Hi Karene,

I am a bit useless on this topic as we don't appear to use these angioseal devices in the UK (or at least not at the hospital I had my angios done at) - all the info I could find about them echoes the what Sal and Colleen are saying about the discomfort/tugging type sensations being temporary and resolving after a period of time.

Thanks for asking an interesting question, I had fun finding out about angioseals! At first I couldn't figure out why they were being used, since 10 mins of pressure on the artery will close it without a problem... but then I read/realised that the seal allows you to be back on your feet in half the time of a traditional pressure closure, which is obviously quite a good boost in productivity for the hospitals.

I hope the tugging goes away soon!


hi Karene! hmmmm apparently there are different types , my angioseal tm was made by st jude medical and had to be ripped off in the shower in 2 days when a pea sized clot had formed, I looked on their site and couldn't find mine used 3 yrs ago for angiogram, There were no after effects with mine-just the sting of ripping it off- this scared me cause im on blood thinners, I thought by ripping this off it would start bleeding again but all was good. Thanks, for the memories!!!lol kiddin! Actually I am glad you wrote-it's interesting! bye have a great day! are not alone...most of us found out the hard way...I was upset because I wasn't told I would have (ie., a hill) in my groin for months from the Mynx...hubby and I tought something so wrong...but found out that this is common...~ Colleen

Ron oh my gosh!!!
That’s sounds horrific. I almost fainted just thinking about you having to do that. Yikes.

:smiley: sal

2 days? Was removing it on the advice of a medical provider? I looked at the angioseal web site after getting mine, and it basically works like a garment tag. I would have thought it would tear the heck out of your artery to remove it yourself. Details, please! I had a minx after my 2nd angiogram, but I never looked to see how it worked.

Hi Karene,
I have had two angiograms (one for surgery and the other for follow-up testing) and both times the surgical team used the St. Jude Angioseal with no problems. I noted that in Ron’s reply, he stated his angioseal “had to be ripped off in the shower in 2 days when a pea-sized clot had formed”. Apparently Ron’s angioseal was done three years ago. Mine was done in mid March 2013 and again in early June 2013. Maybe there is a newer angioseal as with all advances in modern medicine improvements are constantly being made? Ron, your angioseal experience sounded really traumatic!!

After the angioseal was inserted, and mild pressure applied to the site for a few minutes, a transparent dressing was placed over the area. Instructions were to stay still on my back for 2-3 hours in the Recovery Unit at the hospital and return home to rest. On the second day at home, I was instructed to saturate the dressing with warm water and use a mild bath soap to help in gently rubbing off the dressing. The dressing dissolved easily and I had no bruising, redness, swelling, itching or pain at the angio site. I may have had the slight tugging sensation at the site but attributed it to soreness after what was done in the area, but this was no more than two weeks. The St Jude leaflet which I was given after both angioseal placements, showed a Ref # and a Lot # - and a patient information card which I was supposed to carry with me for 90 days. The information defined placement of the angioseal device - left or right femoral artery - physician’s name, hospital, etc. I vaguely remember the interventional radiologist explaining to me how the angioseal device is placed and how it works - there was a computer monitor at the side of the operating table. Thankfully all went well and I’m here today with an almost healed, unruptured, aneurysm.

On another topic, does anyone have side effects of being extremely exhausted after having
(a) PED insertion? (b) Angiograms?

Best Wishes To All for continued healing!

yep, signed sealed and delivered! worked great!

hi anna! yes it was scary and yes I was extremely exhausted and nauseous after angio so I called them and they said I probably had the flu!!!! thank you for your interaction, keeping you and yours in thoughts and prayers~