The doctor’s office called wanted to set up another angiogram, I had surgery in Aug. and a angiogram in Oct, He said every 2 to 4 months I would need one. This man saved my live, I was dead and he bought me back them I was brain dead and now I can walk, talk and think. why do I need so many angiograms? I had at least 2 bleeding aneurysms and 3 strokes. one was cliped and one was coiled and stented. I have kidney damage from radiation for my cancer and he gave me more how, much radiation can you get? I made a doctor appointment for Tue, what questions should I ask? how much can one person go thur. I might should just give up like my family doctor told me, He said to quick going down there to get treatment, that i had too much wrong with me. I dont want to give up.

First I think that it is terrible that your family doctor told you to quit treatment that you had too much wrong with you. It is your decision when you stop getting treatment. If it were me, I would ask your neurosurgeon why you need an angiogram every 2 to 4 months. I am not a doctor but it sounds a little excessive to me but remember I don’t know your situation. I would also ask your neurosurgeon the risks with these angiograms, for example are you at risk for stroke? If there is risk to your kidneys?

thank you

I don't agree with your family doc. at all!    I think he was way out of line in saying that.    Wilma,  you are a fighter and fighters don't give up.   Reading all that you have been through, you have beaten the odds.  Thumbs up to you.   :)       I would ask the doc. about doing an MRI and not do the angio's as often.


Please do not consider giving up until it is right for you...that is our personal decision.

Ask your neuro why you need so many personal, non-professional, non-expert, thought is that it seems like a lot because angios are heavy radiation processes..

Gosh, it is amazing that you have gone thru cancer treatment, too... so hope that is under good control now.


I can’t believe your family doctor said that. Sounds like he has given up and you need a new family doctor. I also would be concerned about the amount of radiation you are receiving over a lifetime, but we have to out weigh the risks and the benefits of radiation with our doctors and our own personal gut feelings. What about MRI then an angio MRI then an angio.

thank you for answering, the nurse said that I couldn't never have another MRI, She said that it would pull out the medal, I'm trying write every thing down so I won't forget to talk to him about whats on my mind. MRI are at the top.