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quick question. Are brain angiograms generally performed on the whole brain or do they isolate it only to where the abnormality is? thank you sooo much.

I agree with Sue...with is the entire should be getting copies of your angiogram pictures...and then you will see ... the area... wishing you a good day ~ Colleen

Yes, they will do the whole brain. Good luck


I had my whole brain done the first time and then after my clipping they did another of just the area where the aneurysm was that they clipped in order to get some new baseline images. Now I go in for MRAs and they compare them back to the baseline images from both angiograms.

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~ Carol

Hi Eva,

The last Neurosurgeon said I needed a '4-vessel' angiogram (as opposed to 2 vessel), meaning the entire brain needed to be looked ...Like Carol, I've had the whole brain as well as just an area scanned. Peace, Janet


Sue said it well.. the diagnostic would definitely be the full identify and for decision on next step... whatever the time frame for either a f/up status...or whichever procedure... then the f/ups for status verification...

Some (many) are having the MRI/A, and/or CTA...