Angiogram aggravation?

Hello all. I have known about my aneurysm since 2007. I was treated with coils in 07, retreated in 08 and will be retreated again this year as I have new regrowth. Can anyone tell me if they have experienced angiogram aggravation of your aneurysm symptoms. I had been relatively symptom free until I had the angiogram. After I had my angio I have had a headache behind and slightly above my left eye. At first it was sporadic, but since Tuesday it has been constant. It's not so bad that I need to take something for it, but it's annoying and it's constant. I was told that it's probably not related to the angio, but it wasn't there before the angio and it's been there since immediately after the procedure ended!

Second, I'm getting conflicting information about weight lifting. I started back lifting weights heavy enough to make a difference last fall. Sometimes I would be in the middle of a set and get so dizzy/disoriented that I'd have to stop immediately. I thought it was incorrect breathing technique, but after the angio test I'm not so sure.

Has anyone else had any of these problems?

Hi, wanted to comment on what you are describing angiogram aggravation. Even since I got my coils in 1997, I have felt this sharp pain lasting only a few seconds, headache or pressure pains that I feel above, to the side and behind my left eye. My aneurysm was in the left internal carotid artery and it has a trailer coming out of it. This was there from the beginning. I finally found out this fall that blood is entering and leaving the aneurysm through the neck and probably because of the coil that is trailing out of it. Now, the docs will not admit this, nor have they ever stated this to me. But they all of a sudden have decided that I need to be checked yearly by MRA. I attributed my feelings in my head to this trailer and high blood pressure. My BP’s have always been what they say are normal and attributed any high ones in the doctors office to white coat syndrome. Well, last summer I had a cardiac stress test which shows a possible blockage in a coronary artery and was given a beta blocker. The sharp miliseconds pain is less noticeable, and no headaches. I continue to have occasional pressure behind my left eye. I asked for and received the written reports of the last two MRAs and this is what it states. Makes sense to me. I might mention I was an intensive care nurse for 18 yrs, but it was with infants. Infants are not like adults in medicine.
You say that you have had additional coils placed after and need to have more so maybe it is the not complete filling of the aneurysm with coils that causes the “feelings and headaches”. I would think that the extreme weight lifting may cause dizziness as I get dizzy when I lift something heavy and I don’t push myself beyond. Fran

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