Aneurysm surgeon suggestion

Hello All
Please any suggestions on surgeons in New York City area . If you can suggest with your experience .
Thanks in advance

Dr. Howard Riina at NYU Langone. He placed a pipeline stent for me back in 2015 in a very difficult spot for a rare type of unruptured aneurysm that no one else would do for me. He does both open craniotomy and endovascular procedures, so I trusted him to pick the best route for me. My aneurysm was fully occluded within six months, and I’m still doing good 8 years later. Best of luck!


Thanks for your reply . I will try to contact him .

I just saw dr Howard A Rina today and he told me that my aneurysm are small and I just need to check them every year and I don’t have to worry about them . So 2 doctors said to watch them and one said surgery . It seems that Dr arina was sure about himself .

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I’m glad you were able to see him so soon! If you feel comfortable with that decision since two surgeons recommended it, you can then just monitor the aneurysms, and if needed they can always be surgically treated at a later time.

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