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I had a 22mm basilar aneurysm coiled,a stent inserted and another artery closed off on the 18th June 2018. Was in hospital for 3weeks since then I’m having trouble walking ,totally helpless really , blurred vision in my right eye ,pain at the back of my ear up to head. Can’t eat as taste buds have died . Are there any people on this site had this problem or having it at present and how long it took to get well again. Now I have a broken arm from losing my balance many times. Stroke like symptoms but dr.says I didn’t have a stroke . Any body help me or do I want things to be better too soon, thank you for any help .

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I can only speak from my experience —-I had a clipping but my aneurysm was also much smaller. I am just over a year in the recovery process and it’s might and day from what it was last year from every aspect mentally, physically, you name it. Time heals. I’ll pray for you and your recovery. Do they have you doing therapy (physical?)

I have trouble walking, eating, speaking and imbalance.
I could not eat apple sauce and ice cream because it was super sweet for me. Honey is ok.

My surgery was on April 2018

I am doing therapy every week.
I chose to wheel my wheelchair to move around

Morning from Scotland. Baby steps is the answer I still not eating as everything tastes yucky.I managed a short walk yesterday with my husband and daughter on either side . Then, I tried my exercise bike and it was fine too . Physio on Wednesday, I’ve made an appointment with my G.P for Friday Hoping I get something to relieve the dizziness. Love to all who go through this :heart:

Thank you , there are no support groups near where I live. Physiotherapist every week which is good but totally exhausts me . I use a walker when I have someone beside me and a wheelchair when I’m going out anywhere . Hopefully these are temporary. I know it was a bigger procedure then they thought it would be and the aneurysm was ready for bursting. Maybe I’m too impatient . All the best in your recovery . :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

My surgery was June 12, 2018. Still dealing with vision problems, headaches & blurry vision out of right eye. Slowly getting better. Sorry to hear about the balance issue. I have had that a few times but not constant. Hang in there!!!

Thank you ,it’s good to know there are other people going through the same thing. Really annoying . Physio today and doctor on Friday about the dizziness. Fingers crossed I can get something to help .

Good luck. One day at a time!

I had a craniotomy 2 weeks ago, and I can’t say that I have a fix, but I want to say that I am going through the same thing. They had to move my left optic nerve, and my vision is blurry in my left eye. I have to get help moving. At first it was hard to move at all, but my family is helping. Have they referred you to occupation therapy or physical? I have had to do some with both, and it is helping. I would like to talk to someone who is going through what I am right now… if that’s possible to talk to you

My goodness sounds horrific. Two weeks is maybe too soon to have good results. It sure isn’t funny not being able to see as well as before , I miss reading so much. I still can’t walk and the dizziness is driving me crazy. I go to physiotherapists every week who thought I was doing well until this dizziness started. Going to the doctor on Friday and I hope i can get some help . Plaster cast off next Wednesday :pray:t3:So that should help a bit . You can talk to me anytime ,I’m either in a chair or on my bed —what a life . I hope you get better soon but I’m sure ,like me, you want to be back to your old self too quick . Baby steps ,baby steps :heart:

Blury vision i have it too it comes and goes with out a notice since the surgery however start getting better and when it happen it start from left eyes then the half of right eyes and goes after 10 min or less i start get used to it

I’m sorry you are having a slower recovery than some of us. I am 4 years post-rupture and I believe that I am still improving in my memory and cognitive abilities. This might not be the correct thing to say, but even with as well as I am, being the same as pre-ani rupture is likely never going to happen. I call it the new normal, as I know many here do. When I stand up from any seat, I hang on to something before heading out, and I’ve been known to “furniture surf” for added stability and confidence. I do stairs, but my hand is always on the railing. The TV is adjusted to a dim setting called “cinema”, the doorbell is disconnected, there are bars above the bathtub to aid in balance and ability to get myself out unassisted…though I sometimes tell hubby I might need a few firemen to assist me one day!

Have you tried prism glasses to aid in your vision recovery? I saw double until I got a pair from an eye doc who works with the hospital staff. They were worth the expense to me, much of which was covered by medical insurance. I can’t remember exactly how long I wore them, but I didn’t need a second pair for a step-wise therapy, as some people do. I’m guessing I wore them for about 6 months. Your dizziness could be due to your vision problems, so I hope you check into this. Seeing the world in duplicate is not a fun experience!

It’s now August 2018 . Had my yearly MRI and the beast is still being tamed with the coils and stents. I’m walking now with the aid of a walker . Still not eating very much and have lost a lot of weight. The main problem is the dizziness and the nausea that comes with it. I thought ,by now , it would have improved a little—- nope . Eventually went to the g.p and she put me on serc8 insisting it was a nasal infection/hay fever and totally dismissed the aneurysm . “What more do you want , you have had the MRI and it’s still coiled “. What!!! Never go to the doctor so haven’t a clue what’s going on there. Fed up . Anybody got rid of the dizziness yet ??? Thank you :blush:

Sorry wrong year —- 2019

Taking one day at a time is best. I’m five and a half years out post subarachnoid aneurysm and I still have good and bad days. Balance issues, and headaches. I pray things get better for you. Stay encouraged and try to adjust to your new normal. It’s tough, but you can do it.


That’s one huge aneurysm! I think you see a common theme among us in balance disorders. I am 25 years out and I still have issues, but physical therapy does help. After several fractures, my orthopedist and neurologist advise a cane, but I am too rebellious to use it. I wait until someone can go with me. My symptom wasn’t taste buds, it was smell. Everything smelled like cigarette smoke or poo. Never anything wonderful. That has improved over the years, but I can still lapse back a little. I hope your taste buds improve soon. The brain heals with stimulation! If you aren’t seeing a neuropsychologist, that is a good place to start for retraining the brain strategies. I know for me the first year was the worst and then it started to turn around gradually. You might never be the same, but you can be happy with your new brain.

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Thank you so much . It is a huge aneurysm and I thought halving it coiled and the two stents would make me feel better. It’s the discombobulated feeling in my brain that’s worst. Lying down helps a lot but I don’t want to live this like this forever . I’ll keep carrying on , practice on my own and pray the beast gets better in time . :hugs::black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

I’ll certainly try Msjay. Going on a wee trip to Ireland :ireland: on Sunday . Fingers crossed sea is calm and I can keep with up with everybody . Just doing wee trips now , couldn’t cope with airports aanymore .ill stay away from the hand rails in case my husband decides to put me out my misery :joy::joy:*

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So it would seem , not very patient but I’m starting to realise I’m going to have a long time to recovery . Stupid woman thought I would be up and about like I was before the op, oh well, you live and learn , bless you :hugs::black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿£

I popped my pipe in 2013 and occasionally have balance issues now. In the beginning there were the constant state of migraines and tripping over my own two feet. Drink a good bit of water. Watch your caffeine intake. Staying hydrated will help with the dizziness. Enjoy Ireland and have a bit of a nip for me!

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