Am I the Only One?

Hi! My name is Dottie. I had a ruptured aneurysm on 2/20/10. Had it coiled on 2/24/10. I am still having MAJOR headaches, fatigue, depression, memory loss, and other problems. I try to say something and in my head I know what I want to say but a totally different word comes out of my mouth!?! I never had these problems until I had the aneurysm. Dr.'s keep saying it’s not related to the aneurysm…I’m just extra “sensitive” now. I’m so frustrated!?! It makes me feel misunderstood and totally alone. I used to be a fun and social person. Now I have withdrawn myself from most people. Many people talk really LOUD and it bothers me (another strange side effect). I can’t go to a movie theater, listen to music loud, even the TV drives me nuts when the commercials Blast! Does anyone else have any of these problems?

Hi Dottie,

My name is Catherine Klobetanz and I am a new member. I was diagnosed with my annie August 1, 2005 and had it coiled September 30, 2005. Even though it's been 5 years, I had expirienced this very same thing that you are going through and am still going through it. I have learned over the years to accept the way I am. I think the hardest part was the people around me. My friends, family and co-workers. They tried very hard to understand what I was going through, but they eventually gave up and they either decided to accept my change or they just don't associate with me anymore. It's okay though, I have made new friends that do understand and are very patient with me. I now am able to hold down a full time job and I like it very much. There are things that I am able to do now that I never thought that I was able to do before and vise versa. I am now an auditor for a Hospice Organization, which I thought that I never was able to do before my annie. Also I now am in the process of building my own business making jewlery and I will have my product in my very first store next month!

Soooo, you never know what God has planned for your life. Even though I am a different person, I know that I am me and if no one understands that, then that's okay. I know that I am still loved and that is basically all that matters. I am still "extra sensitive" like you say and I can't listen to loud music either, so you are not alone. I am excited to see where the Lord will lead me next.

I am not trying to discourage you, everyone is different and heals differently in other ways. You may improve your memory and other things and I'll pray for you each day.

It's a hard road, but it's worth it, even in the toughest of times. Don't get discouraged, just keep looking forward!

Your new friend,


Hey Dottie, I had 3 aneurysms rupture in May of 2009, all thre were clipped and I am what doctors say back to "normal". However I feel different than I did. To be honest with you I feel the doctors have no idea because they didnt go through what we have and dont experience what we do afterwards. I am grateful for mine but this website has helped tremendously by being able to speak with people with what I have gone through.

I suffer from headaches almost daily some worse than others, for that I was prescribed Depakote and was almost on it for a year. Now just managing them with over-the-counter stuff. I am still senstive to loudness, I hate it when the TV is obnoxious or when people talke loud, but I am finding its getting better over time. Im still sensitive to light too. I used to be very social and up for anything but then I turned into a coach potato...DONT DO THAT! Be active it will make you feel better. Its almost been 2 years since mine and Im finally getting off my butt and doing something...working out, bike riding, golfing and what not. I'm suffering form PTS but not as bad as I was...thanks to zoloft, but its not for everyone.

I just wanted to let you know that no you are not alone and time heals everything...eventually! : ) If you'd ever like to chat just send a msg


((((((Dottie)))))))) You are so not alone ... I like that you wrote this post...because it is me...I could have wrote it word for word...I was coiled on November 30th 2010 ... I had 9mm unruptured (but leaking) annie on the basilar tip... and I have written something similar a month ago...esp about being social, etc., and now...I just can't take crowds or too much noise...and you are so right...the Neurosurgeons say it has nothing to do with the Neurologist has more empathy...but ... and this is a big but...they don't know, because it hasn't happened to me...I call it my new normal... and everyday I learn more about my "new normal"... and sorta let go...of the old me...Just know you are not crazy, because that is what I thought for a bit...until I saw so many on this site feeling the same things...

Gotcha in my Thoughts...Cyber~hugs to you ... Colleen

Yep - Most of it. Yep again the Doctors used to tell me it was unrelated but they have softened there position lately. Please do not suffer through the depression for months and months. Perhaps with a little more time it will lessen but I waited way too long to get help. I finally got a med that I was able to go off of eventually and it really helped. I use ear plugs when watching TV with wife cause it is just too loud (yes, I look like a moron but me no care)

Fortunately I seem to have grown out of the fatigue problem. Your "withdrawal" sounds like a depression system IMO

Please don't feel alone. You are different now and it will take time to adjust to the new you. The alternative to a good coiling is a rupture and perhaps a rupture could lead to a even worse ending.

Hang Tough D


it must all be linked somehow because my mum went deaf in one ear after a stroke,I suffer from the noise issues but that can also be migrane symptoms,after the bleed i remember how everyone sounded like chipmunks and for well over a year i could not watch tv as the voices and mouths would not line up,id see the refresh rate on the tv,and for get what i was watching by the time the comercials were over lol.I have constant headaches but then again after 2 crainiotomies and 12 clips later i expect it another operation to come ahh well,still early days for you possum it will get better.




My wife was clipped, the coiled alternative, 17 years ago. You have the exact same symptoms as she does. We live across the street from a playground so you can relate to the extreme annoyance this causes her. Unfortunately, these symptoms seem to be a common occurrance in ruptured patients. Why? I don't think medicine has an answer for this. I can tell you that and antidepressant called pamalor seems to be very effective in helping to reduce the major headaches/migraines. Give some thought to trying this. It doesen't mean that you are depressed by any means. The medication seems to calm the brains neurons. Good luck and let me know if this medication helps you.

Thank you Catherine.

People keep telling me the same thing, that God has something more for me to do here. I'm just trying to figure it out.

I have a 14 year old son... so I KNOW I need to be here for him! He already lost his Father when he was 3. It would devastate him if something happened to me as well!?! I feel bad because I can't do a lot of the things we used to do together. He seems to be understanding though.

But as for me, personally...I'm just hanging in there. Trying to overcome my new fears, obstacles and hoping that things get better?!?

I'm not working right now. I was working at a Preschool teaching 3 and 4 yr old children. But with my low tolerance for loud noise, that is not an option for me anymore. I really miss it. With my headaches/migraines it would be impossible to hold down a full time job.

Anyway, Thanks again and Good Luck with your new business!

Your Friend


Hi Kaye,

Thank you for your encouraging words. Couch potato...yeah that's about where I am right now. Although I did start working out back in Oct. 2010. Then one day I got a really BAD migraine that SCARED me! So I went to the local ER and they did a Lumbar Puncture. The "Dr." that did it took like 4-5 times to get it "right". After I left I had a headache that compared to the aneurysm! Went to a different ER (where I had my surgery). They said it was a spinal headache from the LP. Had a Blood Patch done which helped a little...but this spinal headache lasted for about 2 weeks. Now I have lower back pain where she did the LP and I'm going through Physical Therapy twice a week. Migraines plus back's really hard to be active right now. Doesn't help with the depression much!?!

I am on Celexa for depression, Klonopin for anxiety, Topamax, Nadolol, for migraines and Aleve for pain. I hate taking so many meds...especially when they don't seem to be working?

Did you gain weight when you were on Depakote?

You’re right Linda. Sometimes I feel like my family and friends think “Oh just snap out of it!” If I could just let them spend one day inside my head and body so they would know what it feels like! It’s not like that and I’m so glad I finally checked out this site so I don’t feel like no one understands me!?!?!?!

Hugs right back to you Colleen!

As I read posts on this site I am literally breathing a sigh of relief. After being told time and time again that I shouldn't be having these problems because of the aneurysm or coiling. Now I have proof that it's not just me...I'm not some freak going crazy!?! Thank you, Thank you!!!!!


I have constant ringing in my ears! Very annoying!

When I watch TV I forget what I'm watching sometimes too...LOL But then I forget a lot of things! I repeat myself a lot. My son says "'ve told me like 3 times already". I did? Oh well.

Best Wishes to you!



Yes I absolutely know what you mean about the playground! Before the aneurysm I was a teacher of 3&4 year old children…There is NO GOING BACK to that for me now!?! Although I do really miss the children. I am currently taking Celexa for depression and migraines. But I will ask my Dr. about that medicine. Thanks! =0)


I am currently on an antidepressant. They say it helps with the depression and with the headaches...not feeling the effects though.

I also have earplugs! lol Last time I had an MRI I asked the nurse if she had any extras I could use at home and she gave me a BUNCH!!!

My experience with the A-Ds was that they took 4-6 weeks to work and If I remember correctly it took a couple swings of the bat (8-12 weeks) to get to the drug that actually worked. Ended up being Effexor. I only stayed on it for about 6 months perhaps and then I tapered off it and felt no need for it since.

Your not Alone!

Hi Dottie -

ask your neuro about the possiblitly that you're getting rebound headaches from the Aleve. My neuro reminded me yesterday about that - many pain meds can actually worsen headaches. I'm going to try Amerge for my current migraine - it interrupts the migraine, and no rebound headache.

Before I even read anything beyond the title of your post I was saying “No you aren’t.” I’m glad to see you getting replies. You came to the right place. Even though we are all unique as are all aneurysms odds are if you are experiencing something you are not the only one.

Ouch...sorry to hear about the back pain too. That's got to be tough to deal with. I know what you mean about the intense headaches/migranes, sometimes they would cripple me and all I could do would be to lay in bed with my face covered but Im getting better. Ummm did I gain weight with the Depakote...not really gained weight but loss motivation to do things and lost muscle. I'm pretty small (family genetics) I'm 5'4'' around 110-115 lbs. Even my dad is light only 130 lbs. But I guess I did gain alittle not much though maybe 3-4 pounds but I did lose my hair...Not like huge patches or even had bald spots but I was shedding like crazy and if I was showering, brushing my hair or even running my hands through it I was losing a lot more than usual.

I dont like taking meds. either but if they help they help....I try to push through my headaches now b/c I took so many different things that nothing really seems to work now...but if I get a bad banger I'll take something. I hate to admit that the Zoloft has helped me, but it has. I dont cry nearly as much as I was. I would just start for no reason and be hesterical, not to mention my mood was awful! Picking fights with my boyfriend to the point I was making us both miserable. Now we are really good and Im nervous to come off of it b/c I dont want to go back to my bitchy/sad self.

Anywho hope you are feeling better and hope to hear from you soon :0)

I have the fatigue, memory loss, loud noises bother me, and short term memory problems-and some other problems/your not nuts:)