All well?

Hello all!!
I hope that the summer has been good to you all!
Because I made the decision to spend all of my time out of the house this summer it has also made my computer time less.
I have thought about you all daily with hope and prayers.
Life after aneurysm can be a hard road, giving up though is not an option in my book!
With the issues that I have my time has been spent trying to find thing to do without ending up swollen or with bubbles. I have learned that flying is not a nice experience for me :frowning:
I tried a 2&1/2 hour flight this summer, half hour into it the lady next to me informed me that half my face was swelling, landing was massively painful. If this will be like this forever is anyone’s guess, my neuro says for the near future I can count on it happening again. Therefore flying is out!
Ok so, I just have to come up with other options :slight_smile:

I hope with all the sadness that goes around that each and everyone of you have been able to find some peace and happiness this summer.

All my thought & prayers
Mrs. Unique :slight_smile:

((((((Kimberely))))))))).....Hey lady, just answered on your profile....I so miss you...and think of you you I spend so much time outside and now I am back in my home in Florida from swimming in the pool will be my daily starting flying for about a boat.... a car from European I don't think this will work...unless one is in a "movie from Hollywood"...but I know you ... if there is a "will there will be a way for Mrs. Unique"....Your spirit and determination as always give me so much hope in this journey and when I start to have a "pity party"....hell I think of the chickie who builds things out of bed frames...hahahaha....You have made my day with this post... look beautiful and donot look old enough to be a recent grandma...

You are in my Thoughts and prayers everyday.... Wishing you better days ahead....because out of anyone on this truly have had one of the hardest journey's I have seen .... Love ya Colleen

Hi, Kimberley. Sorry you are STILL having issues but glad you STILL have the right attitude about things. Praying for you. I have to keep a check on my attitude daily. Some days are better than other's. I'm still healing from coiling in July. Headaches, eye pain, some dizziness and I can't be around lights and noise without getting head pain, anxiety and just feeling yucky.


Deanna is grand to hear from you...far from grand that you cannot fly...that amazes me...well, hey, air-evac is applauded...perhaps keeping a patient lying down prevents further damage? Another question for your neuro?

Hey, sometimes the gutters on those roads are overflowing...wires won't cap them/keep the toxins off... .

Kimberley, so good to hear from you...had thought of you many times...You have a remarkable commitment and strength and have shared so much of it with us...I hope we can give back as much to you...

Hugs and prayers ...


Have missed you too (((((((Colleen)))))))
Been a nice summer in the fact that I actually could be out in the sun without having to wear long sleeves, pants and something on my head. I will have to catch up with you in my latest projects…lol
Oh and while your swimming daily take a lap or two for me :slight_smile:

Time is what you need but I must say I am so happy to hear your keeping the attitude in check. It almost becomes like a daily regiment huh…lol
My prayers are with you!


Thanks Pat!
Glad to hear that your moving ahead as best you can.
Lots of thoughts and prayers your way.


Hello Kimberley, hope you're well.

I really admire you, the strength you have is God given.

Thank you for making me stronger

God Bless

Nikki xx