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Hello, I have had an SAH clipped and after they discovered another small aneurysm around 2-3mm (basilar tip). Has anybody heard anything about the risks of flying with untreated aneurysms? We have spoken to th insurance company and as I had taken out a year long policy last February an we didn't know about either, they will cover me until the policy expires. but will not insure me again. Has anybody had trouble getting insurance after their aneurysms were treated and cleared by the surgeon? It is unsuitable for coiling and so will have to be clipped at some stage. At the moment I can't stand the idea of another operation but have another CT scan in September and meeting with the neurosurgeon to see how it is progressing. My blood pressure is all good at the moment, Just want to know if people think I should fly Australia - London after my next scan? Any ideas or stories?



Hi Nancy,

I haven't actually tried to take out a new insurance policy yet... I still have my policies from when I bought my home pre-SAH - but I'm figuring it might be ok, since my critical illness cover certainly didn't pay my damn mortgage when I had my SAH, so seems they don't think it's very serious! (Dark humour always helps, I reckon...) On a serious note, I think insurers would probably accept you if your aneurysms are resolved/treated, but perhaps there would be problems if you have one that is diagnosed but still untreated.

Regarding flying, there are (as far as I am aware) no advised restrictions on flying with an unruptured, untreated aneurysm if you are otherwise in good health (BP fine, etc, etc) - the only definite flight restriction/recommendation I do know regarding brain aneurysms is that you are not allowed to fly for about a month after a clipping/craniotomy surgery due to the risk of extra air being still trapped inside the skull (it gets harmlessly absorbed/broken down by the body after about 3 weeks I believe). I'd add the usual medical caveat though... best to check with your doctor just to be safe and sound and vetted by a proper medical professional :)

Hope you manage to make the trip in the end,


Hi Nancy!

I had gone to the local Auto Club office to pay our roadside-service premium, and when I did I started chatting with one of the employees there who sold life insurance policies...He kept bugging me to the point that I finally agreed to sit down with him for a minute and listen to his pitch: It was near closing time, and I knew I wouldn't be there too long,. As the Medical Questionaire came up regarding past surgeries , I knew as soon as I uttered those 2 words "(Brain Aneurysms"-)- the meeting would be over. The Rep assured me a plan for me would be affordable considering my age--until he heard those 2 words . The Rep couldn't wait to shuffle me out the door ! Lol

And regarding your future journey from Australia to London, there should be no problems considering you'll be in a pressurized cabin...But as Bruce said, make a check with your doc anyway.

Peace, Janet

Hi Nancy
I can only speak about the flying part. I flew before my clipping surgery. My surgeon assured me there was no issue flying untreated. I had no problems. Honestly, I am pretty sure I had the aneurysm for awhile and I fly a few times a year.

Hi Nancy I have a 9mm basilar tip brain aneurysm...that was coiled a few years ago...however, the coils have compacted and blood is reaching the it is still there...and I have a 2mm unruputured brain aneurysm behind my left eye untreated, anyways, since my coiling...I have flown numerous times within the US...and all has been fine...but if you are worried, please consult your Doctor...~ Colleen