After care

I’m due my 6 month check up can anyone tell me what it will be like gettintbthe tests done!,

Hi Theresa ... what tests are they doing at your 6 months checkup...???

I had an angiogram at my 6 months...and the anticipation of the test was worse then the actual test...they gave me something to relax, plus I have to prep for allergy reaction to dye...I did good for the first 2 days and then my groin hurt for about 2 weeks...and I was very tired ... had a few headaches...then all was well....

Hope this helps you out...


Ditto what Colleen said, less the dye allergy for me. The anticipation was worse than the actual test and the aftermath a successful outcome.

Please give us a little info about your 6 month testing. It makes for better comments!!