Advance directive; an act of love?

Just placing a little spotlight on a subject that isn’t addressed as often as it may deserve, IMO. I’ve always felt that creating an advance medical directive is a very loving act to perform because it relieves our loved from the emotional stress and pain of having to make medical decisions on our behalves. Advance Care Planning: Advance Directives for Health Care | National Institute on Aging


This is a very good advice!
My husband and I had chosen to do this some years before my rupture. In hindsight it feels good to have the paperwork done.


This is excellent advice, we had one and then did a much better one with an Elder Attorney. She put in something that if both of us were in an accident, taken to hospital and had to be moved to long term care our Executrix has to contact our attorney before the hospital releases us. We updated our will at the same time.

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