before my surgery on sept 2 I would have acupuncture treatment to deal with fibromyalgia and headaches. Does anyone know if there are and contraindications to having acupuncture treatments . I. Am 5 weeks post coiling procedure.


I have used acupuncture for migraines after clipping, so I would think it is ok. But check with your doctor to be sure.


Thanks I wil check

Hi Jane, I am contemplating doing acupuncture for my chronic nerve damage in both arms. I just wrote a blog, on my predicament. I asked my doctor. She said it might helped. I am still weighing it in my head what to do! Go with pain meds- with many side effects, deal with the pain, or acupuncture. Take care, Jane.

Hi kimlin,
If the doctors has said it might help what have you got to loose. Does your insurance cover it.? I find it is not a one shot deal. It may take several treatments. I have been going for a couple of years on and off for different issues. It is tailored to what my issue is at the time. Real important to drink lots of water the day of treatment. I have found it helpful.


I am a believer in acupuncture...have done it for a long time...

Mine did suggest I see a neuro-doc after I had told her of a new specifically sensitive area on my skull...

He did not acknowledge the acupuncturist...and, did send a "thank you for the opportunity"...letter to a doc I had/have never seen...

Gee, Jane, I can imagine why acupuncture would be contraindicated. I don't remember how long after my rupture/clipping I went to my acupuncturist, but I have certainly been going and haven't had any sense that there could be a problem. My understanding of acupuncture is that it supports the body, removes energy blockages and helps the body heal and be healthy. Seems pretty helpful to me.