ACA Aneurism

my mom,who is 58 has diagnosed with SAH(sub arachnoid hemorrhage + ACA aneurism) before a month.i have never heard of this diseases before.
although this is not a minor problem,her current condition is amazing.
she didn’t forget anything, she can move every of her body(she can even walk alone), her vision is good.but some times when i meet her jst after sleep i see some kind of confusion.she will be checked after a month will probably be seen in CT angiography.

Do u think that this disease gives such a time before it re-bleeds?
Is it recommended to wait and see what is going to happen ?
What is the better procedure?open surgical clipping or cardiovascular coiling? or any other?

thank u .


If she has already bled from the aneurysm the likelihood of rebleeding rise significantly especially within the next 72 hours of initial bleed. If she isn't under the care of a Neurosurgeon, get her to see one ASAP. Although she looks right from all angles you view her from, the aneurysm can have devastating effects if not addressed soon. The procedure will be decided by her Neurosurgeon. This much I can say, clipping is permanent but coiling is expeditious. I rarely wait for events to unfold but prefer to have and execute a plan.

Hi Abush

So from what I understand from your post..your mom had the bleed occur within the last month, right? Is she in the hospital now? Like Ed said, the 1st bleed is likely to be followed by another if nothing is done initally...I ran into a similar problem in 2010 when my coiled aneurysm bled and I landed back in the hospital..yet my neurosurgeon at the time wanted to send me home and to come back to see him in three weeks for "follow-up" ...I did leave the hospital that day--and headed straight to another hospital--where my coiled aneurysm was clipped within a day of being admitted at the new hospital. So I agree with what Ed is saying, prevention is the key to avoid what could be a disaster. All Neurosurgeons are NOT created equally I discovered, so if you don't think the answer from the current Neurosurgeon sounds legit, you need to find another opinion. Soon. Peace, Janet

thank u Ed , Janet

My mom has been in hospital ICU for 10 days from June 01- June 10 ,now it has been a month since she is discharged ,now she is at home. she takes medicines called "phenobarbetone" and "bisacodyle" once a day.and she is appointed for a check up after a month.

janet, although it seems hard to find many options here in Ethiopia ,your advice to consult another neurosurgeon is a very nice is better to start this soon than just waiting for a long appointment......nice.

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I had made the assumption that you were in the U.S.A. where options are many--forgive me. That being said, i'm so glad you found this website as its great for information and you can learn so much from others experiences, ask questions & gain insight into your mothers condition. You had asked what is the better procedure between endovascular coiling or clipping (open brain surgery) and in my personal experience, I found the clipping to be a permanent fix as opposed to the coiling which can often times 'compact' over time and need to be re-done again down the line...Everyone is different though and not all aneurysms can be repaired with a clipping but will require a coil instead, then again there are many who are in the 'watch and wait' category!

So glad to hear your Mom is doing well despite what she's been thru, she's very lucky to have a son who cares like you do! Keep us posted and keep asking questions, Peace and prayers to you and your mom, Janet

Abush, belated welcome from me...

Was your mother's treatment of coiling, or open surgery / clip?

Prayers for your mother's continued good recovery



neither of the procedure has been done yet. we are jst waiting for the doctor's decision...

Hey guys

I cant explain in words how your advice and explanation helped me…10 years back…

Thank u all…

Ed, janet, pat…are u still there…?

Abush, I haven’t seen them on for years, probably since 2016. I think that was when the system changed and some of us were having difficulty with it. It was about the time I had to be the sole caretaker of my dying mother and previously my father, so I had to leave for awhile. I know they were a great source of knowledge, comfort and support, especially @patioplans for years. Pat did an amazing amount of research for our group didn’t she? I do hope they respond to you! You may want to send a PM to each of them for a second effort.

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