"A Game of Inches"

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but things are going well. I’m back home again after living with my parents for a little over a year due to the pandemic.

I had stayed with them for the first few months after my ruptured brain aneurysm, back in 2018, but when I returned home, I had assumed I would be returning back to my old life; that it would be similar to trying on an old suit that still fit perfectly.

This time around, I have more realistic expectations, and I know it’s going to be different. As Al Pacino said in the film Any Given Sunday, “One inch at a time.”

I might not know where I’m headed, and I might be moving there slowly, but I’ll get there eventually. I’m also more focused on enjoying the journey.


Nice to hear from you again @Stephen !
Congratulations to your recovery, every small step counts. It is not an easy road to travel that is something that we all have learned in this forum. Please keep us updated now and then, stories like yours is very inspiring for all of us. All the best to you.


@Stephen I am doing a happy dance you’re posting again! It’s so good to read your posts. I’m anxiously waiting for your next book to come out! For those who don’t know, @Stephen is an accomplished author. You’ll have to PM him for his link to his books.

The journey is what life is all about my young friend. Enjoy every moment of it!

Big hugs,

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