A bit of Inspiration on this Monday!

"We all have Faith and we all have Hope; But we're ALL a little lost in the same damn boat; It's a helluva life, it's a helluva life" ~Frankie Ballard~ Keep on Keeping on; there's no other choice!

Happy Monday & remember this is a day we'll never get back ... so Enjoy & I Hope you are all feeling the "Love" today! Just Love the Inspiration from the Country World :-)!

Hi Michele...This is great...put a big smile on my face...and it is so true...Happy Monday to YOU too...~ Colleen

Thank You Colleen. And it sure does make me Happy knowing that I put a smile in your day today :))!

Hi Michele..You always put a smile on my face & for that I am grateful & blessed..

Awwwe; I hit the Jackpot with Smiles today - Thank You Jane and hope to be seeing you at the meeting in May! And remember that you're always welcome to drive into the city with me from Windham :).