5 years post op difficulties

does anyone still have memory difficulties, smelling difficulties or being slow at activities and thinking or pain at their operative site from extreme cold weather five years after surgery. i had clipping done


I was coiled...in more places than needed.. .did survive...

with coiling...we have many of the same symptoms...body temp/weather changes...

Some issues we can, at least attempt, to pave around...many need a bridge...some are so steep a bridge may buckle...

Lots of memory issues...Today, had two projects/subjects...a third so unrelated...all three are lost...

Going to nap... hope tech calls to walk me thru saved/stored images...and, how to edit those...

Again, welcome...


Hi Snow,

I had a SAH on 11-02-12.

I still have memory difficulties... I just went to the same fridge 3 times to get milk and each time forgot why I went there. Yesterday or the days before I don't remember much. My husband is patient with me s I keep renting the same movies over and over again because I forgot I have already seen it.

I never had any smelling issues.

I have difficulties most of the time with load noise. Crowded rooms or even grocery stores when a lot of people are there is very difficult for me. I get anxiety attacks.

I have difficulty keeping on task. I get distracted very easily.

Using my brain can hurt.. Helping my kids with homework will literally give me a migraine. Getting ready for taxes... OMG!!! I use to really organized. All I would have to do is separate and add. Nooo. I have no idea where most of my receipts are. So what use to be a 1 hr task has so far turned in to a week and still going.

I was coiled so I don't have an operative site however at times such as straining I can feel where I believe my coil is at.

I am on so many drugs it is sad.

depression has taken over.

I have mood swings like you cant believe.

I am in constant pain.

I am sure there is more but now I am sad so I wont ell you more. I hope this helps u in some way.


I had a aneurysm rupture and clipped in March of 2007 and have had memory problems and have not been able to smell anything since then. I have a lot of pain and headaches also. I even have trouble opening my left eye a lot when I wake up because of nerve damage behind that eye because that is where the aneurysm was.

thanks for your reply, yeah the overload of noise and stuff is really hard to handle. Whats hard as every time i think I am back to my old self somthing happens. Like I have been passed over for promotions cause I am told I am not quite up to par yet. :( beginning to think this is as good as it gets

Thank You

VJ…I am in the same same shoes as you. I am two years out and I feel like I’m getting no where. My doctors won’t even acknowledge that I’m having these problems. I also have problems with balance, comprehension, taking directions, vision, and hearing. Sometimes the pain I have in my head is so bad that I just want to lay in bed all day. The headaches are bad too and even though the neurosurgeon calls them migraines I think he’s wrong because I have none of the classic migraine symptoms. I had one aneurysm rupture and an emergency coiling done and four others were discovered. I just had my fourth angiogram and was told that everything looks real good. I find it so hard to believe because I’m still in so much pain all the time.