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4 months post (pre-rupture) clipping bypass, blog


I had STA-MCA bypass for 6x7 mm aneurysm. I developed very bad meningeal irritation 2 weeks after surgery due to blood leakage at some point after surgery.

I flew out to see the doctor at about 8 weeks and he gave me the all clear. He actually didn’t do anything other than ask how the skiing was. (as if I would know!) The resident checked my scar (I asked him to) and he said it was normal to take so long to heal as the T cut has 3 incisions meet at one place. I think the cut FINALLY healed about 3 weeks ago. I didn’t have my hair colored until about 10 days ago.

I developed hair loss in different patches between my incisions. Rogaine worked to grow the hair back which is still pretty short, about 2 inches. I couldn’t see behind my ear that I lost hair, so I didn’t put Rogaine there and I still have patches. My hairstylist shaved the side of my head to make it look more even.

Working out, I slowly amped up working out to my regular weights. I think I’ve been at regular weight load for a few weeks. I do regular weights at a slower pace and that has been fine. I am able to do 2 spinning classes in a row with no problem, so cardio is improving.

Side effects: The only 5 side effects I have left are : random face pains, specifically on my cheek bone below my right eye (surgery was right side). Random head pains. I am starting to think these are caused by the platinum plates, they seem to be on the top of my head by . Very itchy head along scalp line. I also think the plates may be irritating my muscles or scalp. Neck is STILL hurting/tight from meningeal irritation. It was so bad a few weeks ago it seemed bad enough to go the hospital, so I made appt with p.t. Saw advanced p.t. who said my muscles just probably never released. Too early for dry needling. Also my nerves on my left side weren’t responding when hit with hammer. I wouldn’t have known if the pt. didn’t test them.

I got very bruised recently and asked a resident if I could cut back my aspirin. She said it was too early and I should plan for at least a year.

Overall, I’m back to normal. I am not working full-time job though and just feel like retiring (I’m 43). I do feel “tired” mentally, meaning I feel exhausted and ready to just take it easy. I don’t know if this is side effect of surgery or working hard for so many years of life. :slight_smile: also have financial stress due to not working.