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1 year post clipping MCA bypass (non-ruptured)


13 months post-surgery: blog to help others know what to expect.

A couple of months after surgery, I started working out slowly and with lighter weights. I did my normal workouts, just slowed down and with say 5 lbs instead of 8-15. Early in recovery, I would feel pressure on the side of my head where skull was removed, then take a break. This went away (for the most part) over the months.

Sometimes I have random face pains, which I never had before surgery. They are sort of stabbing pain in my cheek or around my eye balls.

I’ve had a few times when I work out very hard that I make my skull feel pressure again. It’s not scary, but concerning because I feel fine for a while, then I sort of undo it.

I still feel a sense of fatigue when under stress. I still want to sleep in late and not work late. Life as a pet sitter is early mornings and late nights and long hours. I have not resumed these crazy hours. I have only agreed to do this for a few clients. When I do, I am so tired and don’t feel like I can continue to do work like this. I can’t tell if it’s just a habit I’ve created or if my body really has changed.

I have now determined that the pains I felt after surgery on my face and on the back of my head were from the “burr holes” or “plates” they attached to my skull. I can feel the plates and see the one on my temple. It feels like a pimple. 2 of them still hurt if I rub them. I have to leave them alone. I wish we could go back in and take them out now, but wouldn’t undergo risky surgery just for that.

I am still not clear on my continued aspirin regimen. When I left the hospital, the different surgeons said different things. 1 year, for life. I checked back and a surgeon is now saying “for life”. I am concerned about ulcers. Also, I do bleed very easily and bruising has been an issue (I was already an easy bruiser). Blood pressure has been good so I put a lot of salt on my food.

my top scar is invisible and the side scar is vastly improved. Hair is about 4-5 inches long where is fell out from the side of my head. My hair is very wavy now where it was stick straight before.

Overall back to normal except I don’t feel I can work crazy long hours anymore.

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