3 years post aneruysum

I am approaching my 3rd year since my aneruysum. Not sure I will ever get my sharpness back. Seems like I always have brain fog. I am also experiencing crazy dreams, that seem to have to do with the day I collapsed. The brain is really an amazing part of our being.

Sorry about your dreams Louise...hopefully they will go away soon...and yes I agree..."The Brain is amazing..." and I also feel so much more research must be done in order for Medical professionals to truly understand the brain and it's workings...wishing you better days ahead...~ Colleen

Hi Louise,

Did you undergo surgery for a clipping or a coil? and / or an Sah? Maybe you're having anxiety related dreams concerning your aneurysm...maybe because its your brain telling you to get re-checked as a precautionary measure to be sure you never go thru another collapse again..? just a thought! (once I had way too many keys that I never used on my keychain..and I started having dreams about being chased toward my car--only I couldn't find the right key to get into the car since I had so many keys to sort thru--the dream would fortunately end just as whatever it was that was after me got right behind me) !.Total anxiety ! I took the useless keys off my keychain and never had the dream again! Take care, Janet

Thanks for the good advice…I think this is occurring because I am approaching my yearly MRI to check the clips. I usually don’t have anxiety. Maybe once it is done, I will be able to relax. Seems like you we forget a lot of things, but never the aneruysum. Thanks for the reply.

Hello I am new to this site also, my 17 year old son had a brain aneurysm last year. April 4,2013 was his one year recovery. He too had to had titanium clips put in. His aueysmy was the size of a golf ball and located in the middle of his blood vessel. We had no warning!! We were awakened by thumping noises and found him laying on his bedroom floor. He was sent to two different hospitals befor the third one decide they could handle his case. The hospital called him there case of the year. I am so grateful he is doing well.


Wow 17 years old ! considering your sons young age, its a wonder that any hospital DID figure out what was really wrong with him and was able to do something (so often aneurysms get called off as anything BUT an aneurysm, resulting in disaster) Thank God someone was able to correctly diagnose him in time and he got a clipping. May he forever be healthy with no more 'surprises' ! Peace to you and your family! Janet

Thank you Janet. My son had to have brain surgery they had to remove his scull. H has a very large scar on his head and a few small issues other then that you would never no what he went through. I tell you, God is truly good!

yes it is, take care of it.

Louise....first, congrats on your 3rd annie-versary....

Have you had the neuropsychology testing done to help direct you for recovery therapies?

Have you had hearing tests?

Prayers for your continued recovery... and enjoyment of your anniversary...


April...you have been blessed...


I am 3 years from my rupture as well. I am not sure if you are on any medications, but many sedatives, anti seizure meds and sleep aids can cause horrible dreams and the "fog" you feel you are in. They can also be a big help if you don't have these side affects.

I found anxiety can be a real problem and also create some of these symptoms. I have never had anxieties in my life, but since the rupture it is fairly common. I do what I have to to keep them under control. Just a few weeks ago I went thought the bad dream phase again and took some anxiety meds for a while to get though it. I don't like taking this stuff, but it's a new reality.

Sit with your GP and let them know whets going on, don't be afraid to try something new and be aware of any side affects. With people like us, its about managing the symptoms, there isn't much else we can do.