3 small annies one surgeon wants to clip and another said wait

Thank you Ellen and Colleen for the warm welcome. Ellen I'm not sure I need the left side clipped yet the 3 I have on the left side are small so my surgeon said to leave them.I did seek a second opinion and that surgeon wants to clip them , im not sure what to do, they feel like a time bomb…


What size are your annies? Mine is 5mm and most doctors don't want to fix until they are at least 6mm or 7mm. I have seen 4 doctors and they all said for me to wait but would fix if I wanted them to. If you need another opinion get it. This is never an easy decision. I really want mine fixed but am trusting my doctors opinion to wait. Praying for you.


Wow...this is tough Karen....I think you are going to have to search within yourself...if you trust your original surgeon and he is telling you to wait...well maybe that is what you should do...remember we also need to be active in taking care of annies that aren't fixed...no smoking, excessive drinking, maintain low bp, no excess stress, etc.,

Like me...my surgeon didn't want to fix my one annie because it is 2mm behind my left eye...right now...doing surgery on this annie could do worse harm...

I will say a pray...that you can make the decison that is best for you...Gotcha in my Thoughts Colleen

Hi Karen and welcome to BAF,

I have a 3mm annie on the internal carotid artery which my surgeon will not even discuss surgery on until it reaches at least 5mm. He told me that any attempt at surgery is very high risk, as compared to just leaving it alone and watching it. I think you will find that general answer here by most members. I also had a 9mm on the ICA which was stented with the PED back in June, 2011.

As far as whether you should have surgery, that is a question only you can answer. We are here to hold your hand, guide you with our experiences and pray for you, if you so desire. I would suggest that your arm yourself with as much information as you can so that you can make the proper decision for yourself. There are many different types of surgery, besides the clipping, that you may be a candidate for, or clipping may be your only option.

Those of us whose annies were found prior to rupture are lucky. Our recovery is much easier than those who have had to survive a rupture. You need to discuss all options with your surgeon, gain as much information you can and be comfortable with your decision.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers in hopes that you are able to arm yourself with enough information to make an informed decision.

Please keep us posted!

Best wishes,


Linda...I am so confused on the Pipeline...and that he would use it on the ICA w/the 9 mm... and, not consider it for a smaller...also on an ICA...

Somehow it seems like (my personal, incompetent thought process) the smaller the aneurysm, the easier to stent w/PED...early on...