27 August 2023 new welcomes

Good Morning y’all! It’s a boy! Is the text and pictures I work up to this morning. One of our young friends are going to be adding to their family in September. It’s a really nice way to wake up don’t you think? We both grew up on the not enough money side of life with our Dads being enlisted in the USN. Neither set of parents taught us how to budget, we had to learn to manage money after we left home. I did have a friend in high school whose father sat his two children down every Friday and he taught them to budget. He “paid” them $100 per week which was a heck of a lot of money back in the 70’s! From that $100, they had to pay one third of all the bills including the mortgage. He didn’t hide the bills from them and they both learned to budget. He put a monetary amount on each of their chores but things for the family like cleaning and cooking wasn’t included, it was an expectation being part of the family unit. I think she ended up with around $10 for an allowance.

It wasn’t until we purchased our first home together that some very rich friends taught us the best budgeting advice we have ever learned, I’m passing that on to y’all. Our friends came to the United States from England back in the 60’s or early 70’s (I forget which) with two children, three suitcases and $1500.00. Dorothy used a shoebox and in it she would pay themselves first 20% of what they brought home, then they’d pay for their needs -food, clothing, insurance, utilities etc. Whatever was left over was applied to their wants, if nothing was left over they wanted nothing. They took their pay and invested it with a financial advisor. They ended up both owning their own businesses. Dorothy had the most successful Hallmark store on the entire Eastern Seaboard, which says something when it’s in a county of maybe 125,000 people and you take places like New York, Boston, Atlanta and Miami into consideration. Kit owned a commercial welding business. They purchased land over the years as well. When they passed away they were multi millionaires. That savings of 20% didn’t stop until their health declined in their 80’s! It is never too late nor too early to start saving. It can be difficult if you’re used to living paycheck to paycheck but with tenacity it’s doable and you don’t miss it after a couple of months. After I ruptured and because of what Kit and Dorothy taught us, we now start the babies in our lives with an investment fund on their first birthday, it only costs $50 to open one up! We hope friends and family add to it so they have a nice nest egg to go to college or maybe purchase their first home. They outgrow toys and clothing so fast, we hope this small amount helps them more in the long run.

Well that’s done! Let’s get on to welcomes!

@PJSfromDFW is down in Texas. They found an aneurysm incidentally because she fainted and hit her head on the floor in her home. She received a fractured skull, lost her hearing in her right ear, lost both her smell and taste senses, is having bad balance issues and on top of that a brain bleed! That’s one heck of a fall! She had an MRI which showed a 7mm x 6.2 mm aneurysm in the middle of her brain. Pamela has two children a daughter and son. I bet they were scared for a bit with Mom in hospital.

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