2 April 2023 newest introductions

Another Sunday and guess what y’all? The rodeos have started in our neck of the woods so Spring is definitely here! Woo Hoo! Nope don’t ride in rodeos but we listened to one last night on our back porch and boy did it bring back memories….but those have to wait because today is another great day to welcome our newest members!

We start with @Prettynugget13 (my lucky number 13). Emily is up in NewJersey and was just diagnosed with a small unruptured aneurysm. How small, you might ask, well we just have to wait for her to start posting. She is going to see a neurosurgeon soon but more importantly, she’s getting married this year! I was married on a Friday the 13th a bit ago. We wish you and your spouse all the happiness and love!

@Cher is up in Nova Scotia Canada. Cheryl had emergency surgery in January. She was rushed to the hospital and had coils and two stents places. But I bet she’s letting those not stop her with her new grandbaby! Congratulations for surviving and getting to spoil a new member of your family!

@Grandmabear finishes up the round up this week. Laurie is also in Canada - Ontario. She’s waiting for her initial consult with the neurosurgeon. Last October her middle daughter was diagnosed with an unruptured aneurysm when she went to the ER for a severe headache. Due to health complications they had to wait until January to give her a stent. Fortunately, her daughter’s doctor suggested the family should get MRI and her other two daughters are clear but Laurie isn’t. She has two aneurysms, one that is 2mm and one that’s 11 mm. Her PCP sent her to the ER to see a Neurosurgeon and she had to wait five hours for him to read the report and gave her a July date to fit her in his schedule. So her PCP sent the referral to her daughter’s neurosurgeon in Ottawa and she has an appointment in two weeks. Laurie has questions. Laurie was in the Air Force for 26 years and then 17 years in the Canadian Public Service (thank you for your service to your country). She’s also been married for 39 years and has three daughters and a lovely four year old granddaughter!

That’s the newest list and I’m going to end this with a quote, actually two. Saw my NP at the neurologist and he shared one of of his 80 something patients told him she was going to “live to be a hundred or die trying”. That’s from the old Groucho Marx quote of “I’m going to live forever or die trying”. Sergey isn’t old enough to remember watching all those old Marx brothers movies.:joy:

The quote I want to leave you with is by William W. Purkey - “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.”

Have a great week everyone! See you on the posts!

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Welcome all! I am from Canada as well. Vancouver Island.
@Moltroub I love the quote! :fu: :two_hearts: