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Hey y’all! We’ve got some new members to welcome - hip, hip, hooray!

Before I begin, I want to do a big shout out to the Mod Squad for covering the group this week during our move, aren’t they just the best! Did you know that all the moderators for Ben’s Friends support groups are volunteers? So thank you Richard, Sharon and Merl for having my back! Y’all are the best ever!

@Gemini30 starts us off…Elaine is in the UK. Her 74 year old husband had an MRI last August and an 4.5 mm brain aneurysm was found. He will have. Follow up this coming August. She’s asked for our help here Advice needed please - #14 by Gemini30. Let’s show her all the empathy and compassion we have, please and thank you.

@Fleance has a wonderful picture of he and his wife for his avatar - just look at those smiles! Stan and his wife are up in New Jersey, hopefully with both his daughters near by. Stan’s wife had a craniotomy over 20 years ago. She recently had a ruptured aneurysm which was coiled. Fortunately she has been stable in ICU. She has been having a bit of confusion and is sleeping most of the day in the hospital. Stan, those of us who have ruptured and the caregivers whose family member has ruptured can share our experiences…just start a new topic!

@Ryan is also in the United Kingdom. I wonder if Ryan and Elaine know each other, it can be a small world after all…Ryan had a stent placed two years ago. I think he ruptured, but I’m just guessing. Ryan says he didn’t have any help after leaving the hospital and that must have been rough? He has had check ups but he says his “mental health has gone out the window”. Ryan, how about posting a new topic? We will do the best we can through our experiences.

@Chadwick is in Missouri which always makes me think of Jesse James. Chadwick’s brain aneurysm was found following a car accident. He underwent a craniotomy with clips. He had a stroke while in the hospital. Apparently his clips were misplaced and he was sent to Barnes in St. Louis where he had a stent and coils placed. It’s been over a year now and is perplexed in getting his life back on track. Chadwick, we can certainly help, give us a try by posting a new topic!

@JMo is way over in Washington, a spectacular State with the Puget Sound, Mt Rainier and all the hiking and paddling one could want (yes, a bit envious). Jenn ruptured back in August after a fall from a ladder. Jenn was in Harbor View Medical Center in Seattle for 6 weeks, had amnesia for the first 5 weeks then had speech, physical and occupational therapy for ten days until discharge. Jenn was doing great in recovery and then began experiencing depression and anxiety about a month later which is impeding recovery. Before the rupture, Jenn was in great health, enjoyed hiking with her dogs and was learning to row in the lakes on Orcas Island. I sure hope she takes that all up again! Come talk to us Jenn by starting a new post!

@Marsi Is up in Maryland and also a patient. She was having increased migraines and in October had a CTA. She met the Neurosurgeon in January for the aneurysm found and then had an angiogram this March. The angiogram showed two aneurysms and will need a craniotomy soon. Marsi’s boys live out West and has family in Ohio but they have their own medical issues and are aging as well. Marsi, you’ve come to the right place for at least a virtual support system, please start a new topic so we can help you!

@LDW225 is down in Texas. L is on the watch and wait regime. L doesn’t know if it’s an intradural or extradural aneurysm which would tell the doctor if it was prone to a SAH (intradural) or not (extradural). I think “carotid cave” is the carotid cavernous, but I’m unsure. L, come tell us in a new post if the doctor is going to do an angiogram to get a definitive answer!

@Lele is down in Australia. 18 months ago Lele had a ruptured aneurysm which resulted in a craniotomy and vp shunt. Lele was in a coma for 2 months, followed by 7 weeks of rehab and the label of being a miracle coming through physically intact. Lele has been struggling mentally and has had to change from being a long term caregiver to other to caring for self. Lele, I’m sure it’s difficult, come talk to us with a new post!

@MamaKim is down in Texas. Kim is only 9 days post op from a craniotomy for a 7.77 mm MCA bifurcation aneurysm. Kim shares that in January this year she lost vision in her right eye for a couple of minutes while at work it returned weird and she went to the ER. They did the stroke tests and found what they said was a 6.5 mm aneurysm (I imagine through a CTA). Kim was treated for a TIA and spent 4 days and 3 nights in hospital She met her Neurosurgeon on Jan 30. Had her angiogram a week later and the aneurysm was 7.77 mm and learned she would have to have a clip. Surgery was on March 9 and she’s been having a lot of problems since then. Kim, please let us know how we can help by (you guessed it) starting a new topic!

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