12 May 2024 Here’s our newest member!

Good Morning World! In the United States, it’s Mother’s Day today, BH told me it was on Friday in Mexico, I don’t know other countries celebratory day for Mothers, so I will just wish all Mothers a very special day!

Both our Mothers have already passed but I imagine we will tell some jokes about them this day and do a bit of reminiscing. The first time I met BH’s Mom was over 30 years ago. I worked night shift and went over to BH’s to met the parents and have breakfast. BH offered me a beer, which I gladly accepted. You should have seen the look on “Momma Marvie” as I would call her through the years. She gave BH what for and believed me to be an alcoholic. I was working 10-12 hour shifts, six days a week and attending university. When she finally settled down, BH was able to tell her I worked nights. Momma Marvie had worked nights years earlier and understood the backwardness of the shift. She did test me a few days later when she offered me a beer one evening, I told her I couldn’t drink a beer right after I got up, offer it again in the morning and I’ll have one.:rofl:

Both our mothers knew how to cook from scratch. My mom was the far better cook, Momma Marvie could cook a few things really well. Mom could cook or bake just about anything, except our meatloaf recipe, I kid you not. We had a recipe from the Betty Crocker Cookbook for Boys and Girls from the ‘50’s. Every time Mom would try to make it, it would fall apart. She had one of the four of us mix it up and put it in the pans. Whichever child happened to walk through the kitchen was nabbed, Dad never was called for the easy chore. The first time Momma Marvie fried me a couple of eggs, BH said I turned a bit green around the gills. There my eggs were literally floating in bacon grease with Momma Marvie ladling the grease over my eggs. I had never in my life seen someone fry eggs like that. Imagine my surprise when she put those eggs in my plate there wasn’t any grease floating on them at all! Our Dads were both stationed on Oahu, Hawaii at pretty much the same time. Our Moms both procured recipes for fried rice and teriyaki that are almost identical and from a Filipino. How’s that for coincidence?!

One more story and I’ll get to the welcomes, I promise…The first time BH’s parents came to our home, Momma Marvie passed gas rather loudly and long. BH exclaimed “Momma you just shit in my brand new chair!” I was shocked, we didn’t say anything like that, my Mom taught us use the term “efficiate the air” of which the offending person would say “excuse me” another would say “you’re excused” and we’d move on, sometimes all the way outside. They were both laughing about the incident and BH’s exclamation but I got on BH like white on rice as they say here in the South for being rude to Momma Marvie. We laugh hard about it to this day.

Now let’s welcome our newest member!
@solive68 is up in New York. Sandra has recently been diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm. She shares she is scared and needs some support. Sandra is on the ball and has already started a new topic found here Newly diagnosed and spiraling. Please help her out y’all.

Hope you are able to celebrate and honor your mothers today. If not, remember the good, funny stories about your Mom. Our moms weren’t perfect but they were our mothers. We acknowledge their issues but tend to enjoy the funny stories more so we focus on those. Have a great week y’all! I’ve had some bad brain days and have mucked up the belly mower on my little tractor. I’ve got to figure out how to fix it. :crazy_face::weary::rofl:

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