Yr after Coiling

I was just told that i have increased blood flow by my annurisism?? has anyone else had this and if so does it need surgery again?? im waiting for my neuro surgeon to call back. appreciate your responses…

My 23 yr old son Sean had his aneurysm coiled when it first ruptured and it blocked it 90%. then 3 1/2 weeks later Dr Hanel and Dr Tawk from the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville Fla. put a pipe stent in to prevent any more blood flow to the aneurysm. This procedure was just approved in late March from the FDA. Sean is recovering more and more every day. Now day 45.

Hi Debbi,

I had a coiling procedure in ER on february 2009 ; after 1 year I had an angiografic control and the annie it was not completely occlused, so 4 months later a pipeline embolization device has been inserted near the annie.

I'm going to have next control in september.

I hope my words should help you.

take care


Hi Debbi...I was coiled more than 6 months ago...and then I had my 6 months angio and they told me all is working great...I must come back in 1 year for angio...I thought after 6 months if all well...no more worries on the coils...I am finding this not to be the case...some see blood flow 2 years after coiling...not sure why? I am just glad they found it for you and pray your neuro takes the proper procedure to seal off the blood flow...

Keep us posted...Gotcha in my thoughts and prayers...Colleen

Yes i know I really thought ok i had a coiling and my annurisism was fixed…but reading this site, seems like it is going to be a life long battle…I sure dont like it …but i guess that is why we have to keep getting checked…im still waiting for the neruo surgeon office to get back to me i guess today they will…

Debi I agree…it will be a life long battle…frustrating…but coming to terms eventually to say … “it is was it is…”…Hugs Colleen

Hi, I had the sane. First coils and one year later due to’ a ricanalization I had a stent flow diverter.
Good luck keep me posted. Take care

Hi Debbi -

It's important to remember that the people who post here are a subset of all the people who;ve dealt w/ aneurysms and surgeries....it's really likely that many MANY people do not have ongoing issues, they're just out living their lives and not in need of the kind of ongoing support and info that sites like this (thankfully) provide. Don't scare yourself too much - it can get overwhelming - but also remember that the odds are very very much on your side.


Hi Jaycie…this is so true…still been trying to email you through the site…and it still won’t let me … I give up…hahaha…Have a good day…! Hugs colleen

Thank you Jaycie.....didnt think of it the way you said it, and Im sure many just dont visit the site when they are doing well......


it would really if those people who have returned to a life of normalcy would get on here n let others know there is hope of having a really great life despite the obstacle...you can persevere.....will keep u n my prayers n remember to stay positive..God bless