You know that saying

God gives you a little whisper, if you don't pay attention he gives you a slap, if you still don't pay attention he has your head sawed open... LOL

Sorry... I've lost my mind.. LOL ;)

rofl…I am so sorry to laugh but this one I had never heard before…rofl

Yeah… I was laughing when I made it up… I’m still laughing… Don’t be sorry… it’s funny, but true… Glad your laughing… :slight_smile:

Oh my goodness, you are too cool ! When I read this I was taking a sip of tea . I spit it all out and did the snortie laugh . Thanks.

Glad you liked it… :slight_smile:

LOL…Hey a little humor never hurt anyone esp after the annie…I hope today is a better day for you … Hugs Colleen

hi Princess,

This soooooo tickled me. LOL .... first comes the shock, the surgery, the numbness, the fatigue, the venting and then hey ho the HUMOUR prevails are so on the right track:)

Best Wishes



What can I Joan I was drinking coffee when I read this and now I have dots of coffee all over my monitor LOL really cute!!!



LOL I cant stop laughing about it…