Winter in the South is like an aneurysm

I’ve been musing this rainy, thunderous morning on how our winters here are like having an aneurysm. I don’t know why it popped in my brain, but things do. It’s a wonder my brain works at all so I don’t mind.

Here, in the South, we can count on Spring being full of pollen so thick you can write your name on the cars. The trees send out leaf buds and soon become full. Gardens are planted and tended to with vegetables and flowers blooming. Come Summer, we can count on high humidity and heat. Work in the yard increases, families will grill out more often and take advantage of parks and rivers, the Appalachian trail will be full of hikers. Come fall, there’s wonderful colors from all the deciduous trees and the conifers make a nice background to the reds and yellows. Roads in the mountains will be jammed pack with visitors to see the colors. The oaks start losing their leaves but those dang things keep falling and seem never to stop, seriously. We still have oaks that won’t shed all their leaves.

But Winter, we never know what to expect, it seems. Might get snow, mostly we get ice, might get warm weather. We got down to 6 degrees Fahrenheit right before Christmas and we are expecting this week to be in the 60’s! The oaks still have leaves on them!

With aneurysms, they are like Winter, we never know what to expect, we have to be ready for anything, a beautiful cold, crisp day, rain and thunder, maybe a bit of ice or snow, or power outage…I think I’ll plant some more pansies. What are you going to do?


I would be happy if i never had to shovel snow again. I how ever think it is hard to beat Michigan summers they are just not long enough. It was also 60 here yesterday i used the opportunity to take down the outside Christmas decorations before they get snow on top of them again. Some day i would like to snowbird in retirement maybe to NC.

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It’s a crap shoot out here in the west too. I heard a meteorologist back in Aug say “there’s a 50/50 shot it will be a wet winter”. no joke, word for word.

They said the same thing previous year (2020). We had a few pretty big storms, everyone was cheering, thinking we would be out of the drought… then jan 2021 hit, and no more rain. done.

Then comes Dec of 2022 started dumping rain… holy cow… it’s STILL raining (1/9/2023). A LOT. Not complaining, because we NEED it.

Husband can’t really work (he’s a roofing contractor, and needs a few clear days!!!). Someone in the country, please send some sun our way? i don’t care about the temp, just hold off on the non-stop rain for a few days and get my husband out of here!!! lol