What to expect post op

I have been a watch and wait, but was recommended after last angiogram to have coiling and stent as my cavernous internal carotid artery has continued to grow and now has entered the subarachnoid space. I have been told 2 days in ICU and then hospital stay as needed. My question is what type of cognitive issues, or other issues I should prepare myself for post op? Thanks to everyone.

Lorac, everyone’s brain is different due to many, many things. Fatigue is common. Have you spoken to your Doctor? Maybe call them and ask what you should prepare for.

I would get some form of easy protein. You will need a lot of protein to help your brain heal. Baptist Hospital provided some really good chocolate ice cream while I was there :). But at $99 for 30 cups, plus some out of sight shipping costs, we looked for alternatives. The young dietician had no recommendations, unfortunately.

Eventually with help from some friends, who had gastric bypass procedures, I found a drink that’s not bad. The company is also making protein bars which are tolerable. I get the ones that are 30g of protein. Remember to stay hydrated. Also per doctor’s orders I have to drink a lot of Gatorade. She kept up the protein and Gatorade after my last coiling. My first one was an SAH.

I hope the many members who have undergone this procedure will jump in. Good luck to you and please keep us posted.

Like Moltroub stated, fatigue is usual after this surgery, no matter where it is located. I was told, as were many people here, that I would be in NICU for 1 one, but that turned into 2 days for me. I don't remember anything the day of my surgery - I became fully conscious on day 2. They kept the tube in my groin area until 36 hours after the surgery in case there was an emergency and they needed to go back in (there wasn't), but as a result, I was not allowed to move, which was very uncomfortable - 4 hours after taking it out I was finally able to move myself. I had lots of IVs in during that time.

I did have pretty bad headaches afterward and the doctors tried several different meds to control them, most of them very strong narcotics. I remembered several people on this forum telling me that the only med that really controlled their headache was Fioricet, but the doctor didn't try it because he didn't think it would help. It was the wonder drug for me. Fioricet and Oxy 5 mg. controlled my headaches until they finally diminished a month later (and I have been headache free since then). The fatigue was enormous at first - I was only able to stay up for an hour at a time and I had trouble remembering things. This did last for quite a while, but kept diminishing over time. The only thing I could do was just lay down and sleep. Some people I have known did not have it as bad, but like Moltroub states, everyone is different.

This operation was the best decision I have ever made - just the reassurance that with monitoring, the annie should not cause harm is a huge relief. I do take 350 mg of aspirin per day because of the stent, however, it really has not caused any problems. You will have to take a stronger blood thinner prior to the surgery and for a while afterward - at my 3 month followup angiogram I was allowed to stop and just continue with the aspirin. Have they scheduled your surgery yet? Keep us informed - this forum was a God send for me.

Thank you to everyone. My coiling/stent is scheduled for this June. I pray when I start to get scared. I am trying to prepare my family as well as myself. These answers really help.

Lorac - have you joined the Unruptured BrainAneurysm Group? There may be some more answers there for you. Just go to the Group Tab, open up Groups. There are two pages of groups. Feel free to join any that you feel keen on.

Try this too lorac, perhaps your family would like to read it as well -


Oh and I thought of something the other night when I went to bed, forgot and just remembered - get some type of foam cushion to get your head raised to the optimal 20 degrees, that was my magic number in ICU ;). I’ve read up to 30 degrees. It will help with any swelling and for some reason, eased the vasospasms I had for three weeks.