What headache pain medication do you have prescribed?

I go see the general doctor tomorrow and I am on Norcor 2 every 6 hours to keep the headaches at bay. What alternative if the doctor puts up a stink about the measly 5% vicodine the Norcor has so I can offer alternatives. I had the pipeline procedure done 15 days ago


Hey Camille,

Sorry to hear you're still needing the meds, and yeah, the doctors are likely to put up fuss and the immediate "you'll be addicted to Opiates' song and dance will probably play out....and honestly my only good alternative answer to your question is 'Advil Liquidgels'- 4 at a time-- (kind of like Ibubrofen 800' mg. that way) Is your pain lessening up a bit I hope? Peace to you as as you get thru it! Janet

Hi Camille,

I had to look up the brand of the drug because I wasn't familiar with the name, assuming you mean Norco rather than Norcor... according to what I can find it is a different brand variation of the same drug combination as Vicodin and Lortab (hydrocodone and acetaminophen/paracetamol) - if your doctor has any issue with refilling the prescription then I'm guessing it comes from the hydrocodone component (as acetaminophen is widely available in other forms).

It's not a drug I have any experience with as oddly, hydrocodone isn't used in the UK at all. Hydrocodone is a synthetic derivative of codeine - so logically if you are having problems getting more of the Norco, then probably the doctor won't want to give you any other opiate based/related painkiller such as codeine, dihydrocodeine, tramadol, etc, as they all have similar chemical properties and all have similar issues of dependence. Of course... any of those would probably be good painkillers if available, but they tend not to be great things to take long term because of the variety of side-effects and dependencies that can arise.

If you can't get one of these opiate type painkillers then you'll have to go for a NSAID type painkiller and I'd say that diclofenac is a good bet - I had it in my recovery period after I stopped being given the dihydrocodeine I was originally on - it basically functions like a stronger version of ibuprofen, and can be taken alongside acetaminophen for pretty decent painkilling power.

Beyond that there are some less usual options that your doctor can go for... but generally in the world of usually prescribed painkillers it tends to be an opiate type or an NSAID type drug that will be the best/safest option.

Good luck getting it sorted out :)


I have feriocets...and my Bp med help...I use the feriocets about once a month...in between use Tylenol which doesn't help...so take extra aspirin...I wish I could take advil...but told that I can never take because of the aspirin I must take daily...~ Colleen