No headaches from 2 weeks, just started feeling a pulsing sound right at the spot of aneurysm with some nausea but no pain. Shud I be concern? :s
P.s I am 3 month post surgery unruptured aneurysm.

Hi Aisha… What type of surgery did you have?? I am 11wks post-op from PED & was doing well till 2wks ago, then got a ‘thumping/pulsing’ in head near annie, can even feel it sometimes when I touch my head lightly. … When back to Neuro today & he said everything looks good (had angiogram last wk), has not complete occlusion but said it could take up to six mths… As for my ‘thumping’ noise, he could give me no answer as to why :frowning:

Hi Aisha...sounds like a headache is coming on and/or migraine...but any your Doctors office asap...~ keep us posted ~ Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

Thanks Reg, I have a follow up coming in a week or so. I am ok this morning. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Jan, not sure what the procedure is called. They blocked the blood flow in the artery of aneurysm by blowing a balloon and also a Stent was placed with it. I cud also feel the pulsing with my hand :s… it happened once before surgery and neurologist told me it cud be due to some change taking palace in aneurysm.

Hey colleen, well no pain or headache yet. The sound gone as well. Tried calling but the clinic is closed for some reason.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Let's keep our "fingers and toes" crossed...that the headache yesterday was a fluke...~

It was not a headache but a sound even I cud feel it with my hand, don’t know how to explain :s it was like the aneurysm was producing gentle continues farts. Lol