Webinar - tonight 6:00 pm est

REMINDER of TONIGHT's Webinar: "Genetics and Family History of Brain Aneurysms" presented by Dr. Arvind Ahuja, MD
MONDAY, September 23rd at 6 PM EST LOG IN Details are below.
Please click the following link: www.cohen.omnovia.com/room1...
Please login as attendant Password: cohen Please insert your name Please make sure to have your computer speakers on
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Hi Christine...I am sorry I missed this webinar...but will watch on my own...Thank you for providing these educational webinars to all of us ~ Colleen

Can you tell me where I can go to listen to this now after it has aired?


If you click here...you can view the "webinar library" and listen to them...I don't know if this recent one will take a few days to com up on the list or not...hopefully Christine will let you know...~ Colleen

Because the sound was a bit poor during the presentation, it is going to be re-recorded and then posted. So give us a week please.