Webinar Participation

Have you attended one of our webinars yet? If not, why not? What other subjects would you like to hear addressed? To watch any of our past webinars for free, go to http://bafound.org/webinars

Hi Ginny,

I have not attended on so far. Mostly because I just didn't have the time. The upcoming one on March 21 is of special interest to me, so I will plan to attend.


Hi Ginny...I don't know how to attend webinars...infact, I am sure this is why many here at the site donot attend...


Thanks for all your responses so far. Watching a webinar is like watching a Youtube video. If you click on this link-


You will see the list of all the past webinars. You can choose to view any webinar, at any time that is convenient to you.

Once you decide which webinar to watch, you click underneath the title, where it says click here. A new screen pops up and you click on the image and the video will start.

The webinars are aimed for the most part to brain aneurysm survivors and their families, not medical professionals. Most often diagrams are presented, rather than more graphic images.

To attend real-time, you will need to follow the instructions posted on our website with each webinar-

You click on this link:


Please log in as attendant

Password: cohen

Please insert your name. You are now part of the webinar.

Hope this helps. Still looking for new subject matter....

We did have a webinar on headaches recently, but it really barely touched on migraine treatment. I know so many survivors deal with this issue. I will forward this suggestion to Dr. Cohen who has been doing such a great job helping us organize and produce these webinars. Thanks!

I thought the last one addressed medical professionals more than brain aneurysm survivors as well. It was more about diagnosing the possible causes of a headache than treating it. Oh well, we will keep trying !!

Hi Ginny,

I would like to hear a webinar on the thrombosing effects inside the Annie following a flow diversion stent placement. I would like to know more about this dynamic. How for example can stents even arteries can become occluded and what stops this? Why this process needs years of follow up to ensure that the artery remains open and patient and how many years of follow up will it take before one can say that the Annie has been neutralized.

Thanks Jennifer

I'll send this to our medical professionals and see what they can come up with. Thanks.