Update after seeing neurologist today!

Hi to everyone! I said i would giv u an update after i hav seen my neuro surgeon.i have to go next week for coiling and a stent put in.i just want to get it over and done.they gave me some medicqtion to take before going to hospital to hve the operation done.i will keep u guys posted.as u all know my aneurysm is 2.2cm and i hav no choice but to hav the operation but like everyone scared of risks.
To everone who is in the same situation best of luck.its a tough time.live each day as its your last day.
If anyone has. Neurosurgeon for treatment let me know your story.i have left side headache n my surgeon said it may not be from the annie.i have a nerve trapped.so they say only i will know after tge operation if the headaches are from annie.anyone have headaches.iv got head pain on my left side and my eye aswell.its kind of shooting pains that comes and goes.let me know if you have similer pains.keep positive everyone.v will get through it.


You have my prayers dear one...it is good to move the Journey forward...

Gotcha in my Heart...Colleen

Hi Reena, you have my prayers.
Do you know if they put a PIPELINE STENT? If yes, in basf group Pipeline you can find more info.
Take care of you.

Hi thanks im not sure what type of stent it wod be.i dint realise until u told me told me that.i will let u know when i have my operation.thanks

Seems we all have headaches and/or "pressure"... did your surgeon explain what trapped which nerve?

You may want to browse cranial nerves to know which conntects w/what, and where they are located; and, which may help you in asking questions of your md.

What is the location of your aneurysm; i.e. the name of the artery and its segment; proximity to bifurcations and/or branches that have been expained to you?

The old standard "stent" was FDA approved to be used concomittant with coiling on a wide-neck aneurysm. Were you given the patient labeling pamphlet to learn more about it? It is hard to be given those the day of arrival for treatment; i.e. to be able to read it and ask questions.

Hugs and prayers,



they haven't explained to me which nerve it is, the annie is at the front and when i saw him he did tell me but i forgot coz when you are stressed you forget things easily. i wasnt given the patient labeling pamphlet , im in the uk so they dont tell you too much, i think i better not know too much detail and go for my surgery which is on wednesday next week but looks like i have to postphone it coz cold a chest infection and they would have to use GA in order to carry out the treatment.


hugs and prayers to you too

Hi Reena...You know I have an annie behind my left eye...and not often, but from time to time...I get that shooting pain in my eye...not glad you get it...but glad I am not alone...

Ah sweetie....I am glad you are getting treatment and surgery on your annie...it is a journey...but remember "one step at a time..."

You have my prayers...Xoxoxoxox...Colleen

It will be so nice to have it done; tho it is great you will be over your cold first. Well, we're not told much, either...found that data off the FDA website...it took months for me to get a copy of it from the manufacturer...and, if it's truly the right one.

Wishing you a grand recovery, for a very Merry Christmas, and the best health for your treatment.

More hugs,


Hi Reena,

My name is Myrna, Prior to my aneurysm clipping on 9-1-11, I had very intense shooting pains on the left side of my head, the pains would come and go. I also had extreme pain around and in my left eye. My aneurysm was located on my left opthamic blood vessel. Prior to my surgery-my doc was explaining the procedure-My mind started to race and I thought your going to touch my brain! I could not handle hearing details-I was so scared. Fortunately my surgery went well and currently I had been back to work for 4 weeks now.

I am still recovering-get exhausted easily, need lots of rest and spend lots of fun time with my grandchildren. Now-I am able to see pics and read about my surgery. I do listen to my brain because it lets me know when I need to slow down. Reena this journey that we all have is common is extremely difficult but we are survivors who handle things differently, support one another and learn from each other.

My thoughts and prayers are with you-take care and happy holidays.

Life is great!