Unruptured Brain An. Healing with Diet

Has anyone healed their stable small unruptured brain aneurysms with nutrition/diet?

I have been doing a lot of research and only found one woman who healed her’s with a raw diet.
I found research on turkeys that had brain aneurysms (90%) of the turkey population. They were found to be deficient in copper. Then proper copper was given to the next generation of turkeys there were no brain aneurysms found.
I found a research paper stating 4 cases were the aneurysms healed because the patients had a specific type of angiogram contrast medium which irritated the vessels and triggered healing plus larger aneurysms with small neck so their was stagnation in the blood flow allowing healing.
Lastly, I found someone who reduced the size of their aneurysm in their chest with vegan diet.

The best I have done so far is no alcohol, smoking, drugs, caffeine (I have never done these things anyways), no heavy liftings/straining, no prescription meds, no herbs/ supplements that increase blood pressure ex) licorice root…

I have a theory to cut out bad fats, sugar, processed foods, and unfermented grains. Go to a nutritionist to make sure I get adequate vitamins/minerals including extra collagen and vitamin c. Curious about a keto diet with raw dairy/eggs and soaked and fermented nuts and seeds.

I was wondering about horse chestnuts, buckwheat leaves, spanish moss (strengthens small blood vessels), collinsonia (strengthen vein walls), horsetail (helps collagen synthesis and wound healing), royal jelly (wound healing and collagen synthesis) bee pollen (helps retain vitamin c) propolis (heals wounds). Some are blood thinners and would have to be taken on and off.

Of course I am still seeing my doctor’s and monitoring everything, however might as well try to be healthy in the meantime. It is hard to just wait around and my only surgery option is clipping due to the location and nature of my aneurysm.

Anyone with experience?

That’s good. Have you asked your doctor(s) about the prospects of healing an aneurysm with diet?

> might as well try to be healthy in the meantime.

That’s the stuff, Healing! Trying to be as healthy as possible is what we all need to do. That is going to be the ace up your sleeve in the case of illness or surgery. But I’m afraid I’m a skeptic where internet reports of miracles are concerned.

A lady thinks she healed her son’s aneurysm with a raw diet. Somebody else claims that going vegan is the way to fix the problem. Daily I also see reports on the internet of people who have earned $200,000 working from home for one hour a day. And then there are the wrinkles that disappear after one application of whatever … I wish!

What seems to be notably absent are verified reports from reputable sources of aneurysm “repairs” by diet. Hmmmm…

By all means, see a nutritionist but when you do, be aware that it’s going to cost you lots of money (in addition to your healthy grocery basket).

Sorry to sound so skeptical/negative, but Ben’s Friends promotes a conventional medicine and evidence-based approach. Your view and your questions are always welcome, though. Here, we call other modalities and therapies “complementary”: they complement (go along with) conventional treatment. Complementary therapies are things a lot of us depend on to help cope with the battle we’re fighting.

As always, please tell your doctors about all complementary therapies and over-the-counter medications.

Seenie from ModSupport

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azurelle here, another moderator… I thought I would weigh in on this as well because after an internet search of aneursym and copper I found nothing legit to support the idea of dietary copper healing anything. Actually there’s very little info about dietary copper stopping one, either. And, in my opinion, that one testing done on turkeys is so far removed from humanity it’s not really worth considering. Turkeys are more closely related to dinosaurs than humans.

You can’t go wrong with good nutrition! But I’m not convinced good nutrition will repair a blood vessel.

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