Unruptured aneurysms and fatigue


I am a unruptured brain aneurysm survivor. Eighteen months ago i had endovascular stenting procedure which was very sucessful. I am finished with all medications but continue to have constant overwhelming fatigue.I am not able to complete much housework, i seem to tire very quickly. I have no stamina despite the fact that i have a good diet and take multivitamins and minerals. Is this fatigue common after a procedure like mine?.

I would be glad to receive any information on this matter.

kind regards

mary hegarty

Mary, were you stented and coiled or served by the new PED? Which artery was affected?

Many many of us go thru the fatigue; a number of us never overcome it... The one thing I attempt to encourage...is on the most significant (or is that remarkable?) fatigue days, to not drive... a strong public safety, a/w/a our personal safety...

If you had the PED....you may want to connect with that group site, too...

Wishes and prayers for continued recovery and much feedback here.


Hi Mary...I was coiled 19 months ago...and my energy level has improved, however, it is not the same as it was before I was coiled...and I just allow it to be my "new normal"...

Best wishes your way ~ Colleen

Pat thank you for your reply

There was no coiling,just stenting. My surgeon told me it was new technology,the latest in aneurysm treatment for wide necked aneurysms.The aneurysm was in the opthalmic artery.My Doctor called it { pipeline embolization}.At least im not the only person with fatigue.Its great to have a support network like BAF as there is no information or help in my own country [Ireland]

Many thanks


Mary...the PED is Pipleline...so hope you get into the group sites here on PED / Pipeline... Linda Z has been so active / informative to so many others...

You may also google P100018 and it will bring you to the FDA approval data on PED/Pipeline..

in case you did not receve the patient labeling brochure... it should be on the FDA site...

Please keep us posted...prayers you will connect w/your PED peers...they have their personal experiences to share...


Hi Mary and welcome!

I had the PED (Pipeline Embolization Device) on June 8, 2011 and we have many members in our PED Group which can be found here: PED Group.

You are welcome to join our Group and read all the info we have regarding the PED and what our PED recipients have gone through.

I had a 9mm, right side ICA annie which was right at the ophthalmic artery which was stented with the PED. I also have a 3 mm annie exact location on the left side which is on watch and wait.

Please join our Group and have a look around at our info and post whatever questions you have regarding the PED.
Best wishes,


Thanks Pat! You are always thinking of me and sending new PED recipients my way and I do so appreciate it!



Hi Mary, I had a PED procedure done in May, I get very tired and have to push myself. I also get a funny light headed feeling when I walk. And I suffer from vertigo when I lay down. Some of the feeling I have are very hard to explain, my husband gets me out walking but I am so much slower than I once was, I get very frustrated at myself.

I have a followup angio in Sept to find out if my annie has started to go away.

You are not alone in how you are feeling.



Linda, thank you...for the time you give here to those with the same / similar....we need much more like that...

You, Colleen and Carole G (and any I am missing....not intentional...just memory lapse) give so much to help others...especially the new members...the new need so much support / help...

Thank you, to all of you..for the granting (gifting?) of your personal time...you are not salaried for all you give...so just many thanks and hugs to all of you...


Hi Linda,

Thank you for all the information.

How do i join the Ped group


Hi Lynn,

I know exactly what you mean. It does get very frustrating, especially when people say to me [ But you look great] .They dont understand really, people have to go through the experience to really know.I also suffer with Balance problems, i think the combination of both is quiet hard to deal with at times.Hopefully there might be an improvement in time .

Thank you


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