Treatment facilities/Hopkins

Hello All,

My aneuyism is not coilable and one physician has recommending the pipeline stent. I will be scheduling second and possible third opinions. Has anyone had any treatment or second opinions from Johns Hopkins? I have also considered Cleveland Clinic. I would appreciate any replies.

Thank you for help.



Don't rule out Philadelphia hospitals. Penn State Hershey, located in Hershey, PA is a fine facility and they utilize a glue type procedure. Cleveland Clinic is a long haul if your are in the Baltimore area. It's a good facility but I would not say it's exceptional over the others I mentioned. Good luck!

HI Rebecca…I haven’t had either of the treatments…I was coiled…there have been a few here that had pipeline stent…hopefully they will answer you … I am told John Hopkins is one of the best…but I think a second opinion is still a good idea…Keep us posted…You have my prayers…Colleen

Hi Rebecca,

Not long after it's FDA approval, on June 8, 2011 I had the pipeline stent surgery done at Thomas Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience in Philadelphia. I had a right side 9mm wide neck ICA annie at the ophthalmic artery. I also have a 2mm ICA annie at the ophthalmic artery that is presently being watched.

As for the pipeline, I have posted both in the forum section and the blog section my story on the pipeline. Basically it saved my life -- my doctor told me that once they attempted and found they could not coil my 9mm annie and that it was not able to be clipped becuase of its close location to the optic nerve, the pipeline was my only recourse to have the annie fixed. Please read my posts and if you have any questions please ask me!!!!! I have had a great recovery -- back to work 3 weeks after my surgery -- but I still deal with emotional issues that come with finding out you have an annie.

I wish you best of luck in your upcoming treatment and please let me know if I can help ease your mind about the PED.

Also my sister, who lives in Maryland, had her annie clipped at John Hopkins about a year and a half ago. She was well treated and her doctor did a great job with her and still helps her with her recovery to this day!